Let’s Start Coding

Physical code kits and online lessons on computer coding for kids.
Let’s Start Coding

What Is Let’s Start Coding?

A desktop application aimed at teaching kids the basics of computer coding.

Children comprise the most common but the most difficult demographic group of students. While studying is a major activity they are involved in, educators often find it difficult to retain the attention and interest of a kid. For this reason, they should encourage natural curiosity, give children an opportunity to choose their own learning path, and minimize the chance of failure.

Let’s Start Coding is a desktop application aimed at teaching kids the basics of computer coding. It effectively inspires natural curiosity in kids since the tasks are not trivial.




What Makes Let’s Start Coding Special?

1. Various physical kits

Let’s Start Coding is so much more than just an app. It is augmented with various physical kits, which give children an opportunity to see and test the results of their coding.

1. Various physical kits

2. Simple design

The UI/UX design is super simple for the app to be intuitively clear for young learners.

2. Simple design

3. Instant help

In addition, the app features a messenger, through which one can reach the support and get instant help.

3. Instant help

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