Backend development - is the process of programming the site and filling it with functional. Creating a core site, site development platform, filling it with basic functionality and creation of the administrative area - this is the backend development.

Website backend development process is a web programming, the purpose of which is to implement server-side of site, integrate database connect it with user`s (front-end) side. Backend development also includes software setup on a server.

The frontend sends information and commands from the user to the website backend, and that in turn makes their processing. In short, front-end is created for the users and back-end for admins.

Backend developer must have a basic programming skills. It`s a coding systems and languages for every field of development. Java and C# are, maybe, the most popular programming languages for now. But who knows, times change, web and app development grows, Ruby, Javascript and Python catching up.

Backend development requires a database skill. A majority of e-commerce websites have databases, so this expertise is also basic for backend developers.

It`s not so easy to code. It`s even more harder to code good stuff. A good coder must know backend development tools. It says that good backend coder makes a complex from development tools and “hand-made code”. Besides, we do believe that high-skilled backend developer must know both frontend and backend tools.