What is MVP development services?

The minimum viable product is a product with a minimum necessary set of features, which is developed in a short period of time. The idea of MVP software development is to test the viability of your product idea — to see if the market needs it, if the users like it, and how you can improve it. This lets you make sure that your product will be competitive before you actually start investing in full-scaled software product development. Along with proof of concept development, prototyping, and mockup development, the minimum viable product is an important stage of the product discovery process.

What is our experience with MVP development?


A chatbot making the lives of cancer survivors easier

The idea of this iOS app is to simplify and improve the quality of cancer survivors’ lives. The minimum viable product development showed that it will be the first chatbot-based mobile app in the field of Integrative Oncology. The goal of it is impressive — to educate people who successfully fought cancer and those who take care of them about how to prevent disease recurrence. We are proud to have been involved in such a socially significant project.


Technologies: MongoDB, Node.js, Wit.ai, BotPress, WebSocket

Methodology: Kanban

Team: 2 developers and 1 PM

Banker Advisor

An investment banking tool helping you make the right financial decisions

Banker Advisor is a platform where users can choose a provider of financial services that suits them the most. When you think about going on a trip or looking for a restaurant to eat at, you go to TripAdvisor. Banker Advisor founder was wondering, why there was no such service for the investment and banking industry? We helped him test his idea with MVP web development and turn it into a great well-thought-out web solution.


Technologies: Keystonejs, React, Redux, ExpressNode.js,SCSS, MongoDB, Mongoose, AWS (SES, SNS, S3, EC2)

Methodology: Kanban

Team: 5 developers, 1 QA, and 1 PM


  • Finance & Banking


A web platform bringing HR routine to a new level

WorkBooking is a platform for job search and headhunting. It brings together employers who look for employees and professionals who look for a job. Suitable both for commercial businesses and for NGOs, it can be accessed on any device. To win over the Austrian market, the platform has been augmented with convenient tools for searching and scheduling. We understood that we needed those features after we ran MVP app development.


TechnologiesMeteorReact, and MongoDB

Methodology: Scrum

Team: 3 full-stack developers, 1 QA specialist, and 1 PM


  • Digitalization

What MVP Development Services Do We Offer?

MVP as a Part of Discovery Stage

MVP Exclusively

Ideally, MVP development services start with product discovery and go through prototyping before we start developing the MVP itself. However, if you have already completed the discovery and prototyping stages yourself or with a different agency, we will gladly continue from where you left.

Why choose MVP?


A minimum viable product is a chance to test the viability of your business idea and to decide whether it is worth implementing. At the same time, the MVP approach minimizes the business risk you may face while developing your idea. So, MVP helps you decide if your idea is worth a shot.


The minimum viable product development takes about 6 times less time and resources than the development of a full app. Thus, it saves you a lot of effort and time. If your idea is not viable, you do not lose a lot. If your idea is viable, you will have enough resources to launch the development.


Since a minimum viable product is fast and easy to develop, you will get a chance to demonstrate your product to the investors and sponsors sooner. This will help you persuade stakeholders to support your project and to secure another round of investment.


An MVP development company lets you understand the needs and interests of your users better. A minimum viable product offers a unique insight into the market you strive to enter. You can adjust your idea to serve the best interests of your target audience and to withstand the competition.

Why KeenEthics?

1 Empowering growth

We put our best effort into developing a great product with minimum time and cost risks — this is how we empower your business growth.

2 Building value

We understand how important your idea is, and we will do our best to let it flourish by being honest with you and applying an ethical approach to collaboration.

3 Launching in a matter of weeks

The partner engagement process can take as little as a week or two if organized properly, and you will be able to enter the project development stage in the shortest terms.

4 Bringing tech expertise

Our MVP development company understands the challenges you face and the needs you have, and we will help you translate your idea into the essential set of features and suggest the most effective technology stack.

5 Protecting your data

Along with the Non-Disclosure Agreement offered to you, we will use secure communication channels and servers for nobody to access the data unwarranted.

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