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PUBLISH DATE: Mar 25 2021
UPD: Jun 17 2021
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Important Ways Cloud Computing Improves Web App Development

Best use of resources, scalability, cost-saving measures — all of this is possible with cloud computing!

Web development changes a lot each year, and in some ways, even on a monthly basis. New advancements in data storage, information sharing, and coding frameworks impact the way developers build websites and applications. Web apps in particular shine a light on just how dynamic the web development process can be from a new project’s start to finish.

A central element to web app development’s constant state of change is cloud computing technology. Thanks to cloud-based technology, developers are able to build faster, more reliable websites that utilize more resources than ever before. Applications are held to a higher standard each and every year because of what cloud software development offers in terms of developer tools and efficiency. 

With all of this in mind, it’s important to know the ins and outs of cloud network’s role in web app development when planning for an upcoming project. So, what are some of the most important ways cloud application development services can impact this process? Let’s explore everything you’ll need to know.

How Web Apps Interact with Cloud Technologies

Cloud computing infrastructure is impacting just about every element of digital life. The market is on pace to continue growing after exceeding $258 billion in 2020 with a 6% growth in usage. Cloud software is utilized in a number of different ways. The average smartphone owner might not know much about the cloud-based services, but the chances are that they use Dropbox, Google Cloud Platform, or iCloud to share personal and professional files and data. If so, they’re relying on cloud computing services without even knowing how they work. 

The top iPhone app developers and web-based application architects will tell you that cloud computing development is a must for modern programming and app configuration. Cloud servers that exist in locations outside of a business or a user’s device host and store data and information that make web applications possible. It’s a smarter, easier way to power a useful new app without bearing the brunt of server costs, location considerations, and other outdated elements of what used to go into an application. 

A web app can be anything a user accesses from a web browser. In 2021, it’s not a given that a user is using a traditional computer or laptop. That’s given rise to progressive web apps that offer a mobile experience as well as a desktop interface. These increasingly mobile trends we see in users is just one feature of cloud computing that helps make apps more successful. People are just more comfortable and familiar with accessing the web via their mobile devices now. It’s why major trends point to everything from basic website visits to activities involving sensitive info that must operate across numerous devices.

Speaking of sensitive info, businesses and individuals now share their most sensitive info with online applications because many things are going digital. For example, over 3/4ths of Americans bank via an application now instead of traveling to a bank. This could prove to be a worrisome data breach threat, but cloud computing software development keeps users and businesses safe. Detailed encryption processes and numerous safeguards against information breaches help ensure everyone is safer when using a cloud-based application. The benefits extend far greater than security, including these crucial considerations.

Cloud Computing Benefits for App Development

Web application development starts with finding the right server. Cloud computing servers offer the best experience to date, but they also come with a variety of other benefits developers love. Here are some of the top reasons developers choose cloud-based application development:

  • Best Use of Resources

There’s a good reason why 57% of businesses are moving their web applications to the cloud. First and foremost, cloud web development gives programmers a host of predetermined resources to help build out the application. Rather than writing a new application from scratch, cloud hosting services can offer dev teams a slew of great assets to assist in the process.

It’s not just the build stage either: cloud based web app development services can offer everything from posture management to enhanced cloud security that fights against misconfigurations. There’s a strong peace of mind that comes from building an app out with cloud resources, and it extends well beyond the launch of your next project. 

  • Scalability

If all goes well with your new web application, then you need to be prepared for growth. Growth isn’t easy to manage without the means to grow as your audience does. For that, many agree that cloud-based software solutions offer the most scalability for programmers in terms of ensuring a web application stays fast, efficient, and easy to navigate even as more and more people begin to use it. 

A great example of this is Health First, a healthcare system that utilizes a cloud-based app for assisting patients in communicating with their doctor. When COVID-19 increased the number of people seeking virtual healthcare solutions, their cloud-based app was scalable and allowed for more users without the dips in speed and efficiency, as compared with some poorly-scaled apps experience. Growth is always possible, and that makes scalable solutions a must.

  • Cost-Saving Measures

Lastly, cloud application development offers web app developers a number of cost-cutting measures. Firstly, virtualization and cloud apps allow for the developer to access all their necessary build tools online. This way, they don’t need to worry about building server farms or upgrading to new hardware. The cost-savings extend to consumers who use cloud-based mobile applications as well. 

Without the need to pay an up-front investment into new hardware that allows for web servers, the costs literally decrease from the start of a new project. For businesses seeking better solutions on tighter budgets after 2020 losses, this is good news.

Future Implications of Cloud Computing in Web App Development

Web app development will continue to rely on cloud service providers in bigger and better ways. Rather than debate the benefits of cloud computing, most businesses and cloud computing users are recognizing that cloud computing resources are the best option now and will be moving forward.

Planning a new web app can be overwhelming, but in the right hands and given the benefits cloud computing offers for developers, the process is smoother than ever. Get started today and harness the many benefits of cloud computing for your next web application. 

Do you need help with augmenting your business processes with cloud technology?

We have sound experience in cloud app development, and we would be happy to apply this knowledge for your benefit.

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