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PUBLISH DATE: Jul 13 2022
UPD: Jan 17 2024
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Why Choose Outsourcing to Poland in 2023?

Do you want to outsource to Poland? We’ll take a look at the key aspects of this choice. A little spoiler: software development in Poland is a great idea!

Every company faces an important choice at some point: this choice involves the hiring process. Sometimes, projects become complex. A need for a specialist who would be able to work with some programming language outside of your expertise can arise. In this light, outsourcing is a strong option. In this article, we want to orient you regarding outsourcing development to Poland. We shall take a look at the main advantages of choosing the country in this review. The FAQ section will also feature some insights into hiring developers in Poland.

Poland Ecosystem for IT Businesses

Poland Ecosystem for IT Businesses

Poland is a rather big and promising market today. This European country invests much into its IT sector. The data shows that the market size for software projects is large. Currently, it amounts to 8.2 billion dollars. The market is stagnating slightly today due to the war in Ukraine, which affects all its neighbors. Still, it has managed to survive the coronavirus crisis relatively well and will feature large growth in the future. Employment in the sector, as well as the number of specialists, is growing steadily (2.2% and 3.6%, respectively). Considering that the Polish economy is booming, with the country having almost no years without growth, it’s a significant investment. After all, Poland is the country that gave birth to companies such as CD Project Red. Famous games such as The Witcher 3 would have never been released if the sector was weak. Thus, software development in Poland makes sense today.

TOP Factors and Benefits for IT Outsourcing to Poland

Are you still not convinced? Well, let’s review the key reasons to outsource to Poland. Trust us, they’re numerous.

The Polish economy is doing great

The Polish economy is strong. How strong exactly? Well, let’s see some key figures. Before the 1990s, Poland was the poorest member of the Soviet Bloc. The country did not have positive growth and lived in stagnation. With capitalism in the country, everything transformed. Within 30 years after the collapse of Communism, Poland joined the European Union and became a developed country. Polish cities are especially rich today. Generally, the average growth rate for Poland was between 4% and 5% per year in the last 30 years. The only big decrease occurred in 2020 due to the coronavirus crisis. Still, the recovery is already going at a very fast pace. Software outsourcing to Poland makes sense because crises wouldn’t bankrupt your partners suddenly. Polish companies are showing record profits today and will do so for the foreseeable future.

Developers in Poland are outstanding

Developers in Poland are very strong:

  • Firstly, the education system in the country is potent. It combines the Soviet legacy of strong emphasis on industrialism and engineering with modern Western approaches. The country also has a potent learning community for software developers. Courses and discussion boards about IT are numerous, giving many opportunities to learn. As a result, average developers understand the software development process and the relevant computing theory. Poland invests much into the development of its citizens. 

  • Secondly, the country currently has tremendous experience in development. Software development teams are numerous. Thus, it’s easy to find people who have significant work knowledge. Many of them used to work on projects unique to Poland. Software development outsourcing in Poland, thus, is a great idea.

Outsourcing to Poland: the IT market is dynamic

Twenty years ago, Poland didn’t have any big investments in the IT sector. In the preceding years, it multiplied in size several times. One of the best illustrations of progress involves the overall quality of products throughout the years. Let’s take a look at the gaming sector, for example. In the 2000s, the Eastern European community was skeptical of the Polish developers.  The games produced by local companies turned into a ‘Polish game/shooter’ meme, which signified average experiences. In the 2010s, everything changed tremendously. Polish software developers managed to produce masterpieces such as The Witcher 2 and 3, as well as the somewhat controversial but nonetheless ambitious Cyberpunk 2077. In just 20 years, Poland turned from a small player in the software market into a giant capable of producing outstanding products. If you ever considered outsourcing to Poland, now’s the high time to do so. The country offers a perfect opportunity for clients of all kinds. Enter today, and you’ll get a chance to enjoy an ever-expanding field of opportunities.

EU-level protection of intellectual property

Poland also invests much into ensuring the integrity of the property rights in the country. The preceding 30 years in the state were spent on ensuring the creation of strong capitalist institutions. Thus, legislative acts aimed at preserving intellectual property are widespread and clear. The aforementioned rise of the Polish IT industry is a perfect representation of this positive process. Many companies reach global levels of development because they have nothing in terms of digital products being pirated. The economic development of the country further enhances this factor. Many people forgo piracy for all types of software produced by tech businesses. A culture of respect for the property of other people is more or less formed. Therefore, you can expect that outsourcing to Poland will be absolutely safe for your intellectual property.

Developers in Poland have a strong education-related background

Poland is a strong country in terms of education today. The system of learning in the country is organized exceptionally well. As various ratings of education in Poland show, its system is in the top 5 of Europe and top 15 of the world. School system review performed by PISA, for example, shows that math skills in the country are especially strong. In 2018, 44% of younger adults in the country had higher education. In 2008, this number was 32%. Poland, as a nation, is learning at a fast pace. Polish specialists enjoy a steadily improving education system that can deliver truly potent results. Considering the stable economy, many would also be able to make additional investments. Polish people have sufficient funds for advanced online courses. More importantly, many people are now eager to study in the U.S. and the U.K. The Polish middle class often can afford such education. Hence, Polish specialists offer a great educational background. More importantly, current information shows that this background is improving at a very steady rate. With time, outsourcing to Poland will be even more attractive than today. Don’t hesitate to create partnerships that can last for decades.

Poland is close to big financial hubs

Poland is very close to the key financial centers in Europe. Germany is the neighbor of the state. Thus, its main centers can be reached in a day even by car. Low-cost aviation makes most of Europe available to an average Polish software company..France, Spain, and the U.K. are extremely easy to reach. The strong network of aviation in the country also enables many opportunities in terms of reaching the U.S. Indeed, the process takes a long time, but it’s likely to be comfortable as finding a plane would be a matter of several clicks. The financial process, in many cases, would also be very comfortable to manage. You can send even the most complex documents through Europe effortlessly. Thus, a decision to outsource to Poland is rational. You can easily integrate the state into the overall framework of business decision-making. A Polish team for a European company is among the best choices one can make.

Work ethic is markedly Western

Poland is also notable for having a very strong work ethic today. Its citizens have managed to pull the country out of poverty into a future that becomes progressively brighter. Obviously, the only way to achieve such a feat is focusing on strong work standards. In this regard, Polish people are very similar to Europeans and U.S. counterparts. 

  • Firstly, your potential partner is likely to be very punctual. Polish people prefer order and deadlines in everyday life. 

  • Secondly, you can expect that Polish people would invest much into Quality Assurance. Poles are very proud of their country and legacy. Hence, they are extremely willing to produce outstanding software. In terms of gaming, Polish products are usually a sign of quality and perfection. 

  • Thirdly, Polish individuals try to bridge the cultural differences in terms of productivity practices. They invest much into learning about frameworks such as GTD or Scrum. 

  • People who visit Poland often tell us that local specialists strive to take away as much as possible from the work practices in the West. This process works: Poland currently has a set of its own tech giants, such as CD Project Red.

Tech infrastructure is great

Poland is also notable for including a very strong environment in terms of technology. The infrastructure of the country is currently great. Two reasons for this arrangement exist today. Firstly, the government and business initiatives led to the tremendous expansion of the local infrastructure. Poland is currently among the European leaders in terms of direct investment into its capabilities. Software outsourcing to Poland makes sense because you’ll have a chance to use strong local tools for development. Secondly, Poland is also notable for starting its work on IT slightly later than other countries. Interestingly enough, that’s not a downside. A later start allowed the country to use newer technologies. As a result, software development services rely on telecommunication infrastructure from the 2010s rather than the 2000s, for example. Hence, all processes will likely be faster simply because the Internet and other services are better. Your outsourcing partner would typically have more access to various high-quality services than their competition in other states.

English skills are great

As we have mentioned before, Poland is notable for its great education. This strength extends to English too. Currently, Polish people are in the top 15 countries in terms of English knowledge. Many people in the country speak the language very well. The universities of the country, as our experience indicates, have very strong English departments. Their teaching practices spread to IT and engineering sectors as well.

Consequently, the English skills of modern Polish custom software development are markedly good. The reason here is twofold. 

  • Firstly, they benefit from the aforementioned learning system. 

  • Secondly, they also live in a specific culture that demands a strong focus on English. An average Polish developer has to use countless Western terms to overcome communication barriers, even in native environments. 

  • More importantly, many people have an extreme interest in the language. Thus, they are ready to make tremendous time investments into learning. While working with freelancers in the country, you’d meet a lot of enthusiasm if you choose to invest in the improvement of their communication skills.

Great timezone

Poland is a great country from the standpoint of time zone it features. The state is situated in one of the main European timezones (GMT+2). As a result, if you work with people in this country from Europe, you can expect that the time difference would be minimal. In this light, Poland represents a great way to find specialists who would be able to work with you at the same time. As for the U.S., getting an outsourcing company in Poland is also great. Some time zones in America have a clear overlap with the Polish ones. Thus, you can ask Polish software developers to do something throughout the daytime and then send you the results during their evening and your early morning. If you need to structure your work along a very fast development schedule, this arrangement can be great. In short, the Polish time zone is great since it falls upon social hours in many countries.

Poland offers one of the best price/quality ratios

Generally, our experience shows that outsourcing in Poland combines both price and quality. 

  • On the one hand, the overall capability of the workforce is genuinely great. Polish specialists typically know what they’re doing due to the great education system in the country.

  • On the other hand, the country’s GDP per capita of approximately 18000 dollars doesn’t yet push its salaries through the roof. Polish specialists want significant reward, but it’s likely to be lower than in, say, Germany or the U.S. A median salary for developers is at the level of 23000 U.S. dollars or, approximately,2000 dollars per month. Many developers in the U.S. want 70000 dollars and beyond. Considering that the outlined salary is high by the standards of Poland, many people would be more than willing to start large-scale projects. Obviously, depending on the complexity, hourly rates can vary. However, it’s rational to expect that the overall experience is unlikely to be too expensive. 

Conclusion about Outsourcing to Poland 

All in all, investment into Poland for outsourcing is a great idea. The country is notable for its great workforce, strong development culture, and the generally low price of development. Today, the market in the country has many companies that provide such services. Finding an outsourcing company in Poland is rather easy. Thus, if you’re in any need of outsourcing, Poland is the best destination today. In this regard, the country is a strong rival for Ukraine, which is also among the best outsourcing markets. We know many Polish specialists and can affirm with extreme confidence that they’re genuinely potent. In case you need any help in this regard, don’t hesitate to use the services of Keenethics. We are ready to help you with contracting the Polish specialists and beginning fruitful cooperation with them.

FAQ about Outsourcing Development to Poland

What ways to build a remote team in Poland exist today?

Building a remote software team in Poland is rather simple. Firstly, you can try the services of big outsourcing companies in the country. Secondly, you can try finding people via large outsourcing platforms. Lastly, you may address professional services similar to ours and we’ll arrange everything for you.


What steps should I take to forgo the challenges of outsourcing in Poland?

Generally, we recommend hiring a management company that would find specialists for you and then communicate with them. We offer services of this kind today, for example.

What is the cost of developing software in Poland?

Generally, the median salary for software developers in Poland is at the level of 2000 dollars. Middle developers typically earn from 2500 to 3500 dollars per month. Seniors obviously have higher salaries in most cases. These figures are for the full time experience. Smaller projects may need less funds. If you need help with such calculations, feel free to address us.

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