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Automating monotonous tasks, improving your business performance, and boosting customer satisfaction

What Is AI and Chatbot Development?

Chatbots are widely used to automate repetitive tasks. The four most common functions of a chatbot are: enabling self-service in simple scenarios (78%), gathering basic information about a client before handling the case to an agent (77%), providing guidance and recommendations (71%), greeting customers when they call or message (67%).

In fact, chatbots are only one of many manifestations of artificial intelligence. AI is not only about robots or smart speakers. Spam filters, plagiarism checkers, ridesharing apps, and even Facebook – all of these use AI algorithms. Your business is not an exception. There must be at least one tedious and repetitive task that can be automated by the means of machine learning.

Why AI and Chatbot Development Services?

  • Scalable and integrable
    A chatbot or an AI solution can be scaled up or down and integrated with the existing web or mobile app. New features can be effortlessly added.
  • Universal
    Chatbots and AI-powered algorithms may come in handy in any industry, including education, healthcare, e-commerce, or business administration.
  • Cost-efficient
    If you employ a chatbot for customer care, you do not need to hire support specialists and to pay them monthly. You pay for chatbot only once when it is developed.
  • User-friendly
    Your customers or users will appreciate the opportunity to get help immediately 24/7. This will greatly improve your brand image and boost customer loyalty.

What Do We Offer?

Text-based Chatbots

Text-based chatbots

Voice-based Chatbots

Voice-based chatbots

AI-powered Algorithms

AI-powered algorithms

How Do We Do It?

Text-based chatbots:
Social media’s APIs
(Facebook, Slack, WhatsApp, etc.)
Voice-based chatbots:
AWSMicrosoft LUISGoogle Assistant

AWSMicrosoft LUISGoogle Assistant
AI-powered algorithms:


Why KeenEthics?

1Empowering growth

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that you should employ to make your business future-proof. It lets you automate a great number of monotonous and time-consuming tasks. It in turn lets yon engage people and resources into doing something important and innovative, something that will help your business grow.

2Building value

AI-powered algorithms and chatbots have the potential to greatly improve your business performance and productivity. The customers will value the opportunity to get immediate responses to their queries. Meanwhile, employees will appreciate that you spare them monotonous tasks.

3Launching in a matter of weeks

Our partner engagement process is optimized to enable us to start working on your project as soon as you want us to. Your project development process will be efficiently organized by our professional Project Managers according to the chatbot development methodology which suits you best. We have no time to lose, we are ready to launch as soon as possible.

4Bringing tech expertise

Not all our developers can do AI, but those who can – they are experts in this technology. Along with their technical proficiency, we are ready to offer you some industry-specific expertise, should it be education, e-commerce, or healthcare. Also, our professionals from other departments will be happy to cooperate.

5Protecting your data

AI solutions can be easily compromised if not implemented wisely. As an AI chatbot development company, we understand how important data security and user privacy is. Thus, we take all the necessary measures to ensure them. Our developers and QA specialists will make sure that your chatbot or AI-powered project is invulnerable.

Our AI Solutions

Asama logo

Asama is an IoT-based employee tracking solution developed by KeenEthics and powered by Artificial Intelligence. The system consists of fitness trackers, BLE beacons, and AI-powered mobile app. It may work in any sphere where the activity and movement of employees need to be monitored. Our solution can be used in stores, warehouses, industrial plants, constructions, hotels, shopping centers, and restaurants. It lets a manager or a company owner make sure that the staff works actively throughout the day and follows the schedule.

What does AI have to do with it? When fitness trackers send user data to the system via Wi-Fi, AI starts processing it. The AI-powered algorithm identifies if the tracker was worn or not and if the right person was wearing it. The artificial intelligence also checks if the person was standing, walking, sitting, or sleeping.

KeenEthics specialists will install and configure BLE beacons, set up trackers and the mobile application, and show your managers how to use Asama.

Asama items


These are some mobile applications augmented with chatbots that we have developed:

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