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7 Apps Created with Vue: Is the Technology Worth a Shot?

Vue.js is good in theory. But is it good in practice?

7 Apps Created with Vue: Is the Technology Worth a Shot?

Vue.js is a younger competitor of React and Angular. Yet, the young years do not prevent Vue from winning developers’ and business owners’ hearts. In fact, this technology has a lot to offer. For instance, if you compare React vs Vue, you will notice that Vue is not falling behind its authoritative competitor and is a very promising technology.

Yet, all these advantages are kind of useless while they are proven only in theory. Let’s have a look at how Vue.js development is used in practice. Here are the seven examples of apps that you have definitely heard about but did not realize they were Vue apps.

  1. Adobe Portfolio
  2. Behance
  3. Grammarly
  4. Trivago
  5. Glovo
  6. WizzAir
  7. GitLab

Adobe Potfolio

Adobe Portfolio is a software product similar to Behance and Dribble where designers can compile and showcase their professional portfolio. To enhance user experience and to boost performance, the company decided to migrate Portfolio’s front-end to Vue. The experience has been successful, the codebase has been migrated, and Adobe Portfolio is now the most often cited Vue example project.


Another software platform owned by Adobe is Behance, and it also makes use of Vue. It is a direct competitor of Adobe Portfolio and the most popular solution for designers’ portfolio creation and publishing. Initially, the platform was developed with its own custom programming solutions, but the management later decided to migrate to Vue.js. In fact, Vue is an open source project, which means that it is supported by a huge developer community. Custom solutions almost always lose to open source technologies in terms of the efficiency and speed of development.


Grammarly is a platform that lets users write better and smarter by providing grammar checking services with the help of AI and natural language processing. The user interface of Grammarly is known for its elegance, user-friendliness, reactivity, and convenience. The example of Grammarly proves that Vue apps are ready to be used on the enterprise level.


Trivago is a company for hotels prices comparison similar to and It is a fifteen-years-old German company with a net worth of about 950 million dollars. The front-end of this platform is built with such JavaScript frameworks as Angular, React, Melody, and Vue. Thus, Vue is not their lone choice for development, but it is definitely an important part of their tech stack that helps them achieve their business and development goals.


Glovo is a globally known and used delivery service, which has received particular attention and love in the times of pandemic, and another Vue example. Customers would place an order online, and Glovo couriers would deliver food, medicines, and other necessities at people’s doors. As you could have guessed already, the front-end of Glovo’s website is built with Vue.js. In fact, the company seems to be a huge fan of this technology, and they are often hiring Vue developers.


WizzAir is a low-cost airline, which is headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, and flies to about 150 destinations all around the world. It is a number one competitor of Ryanair, and one of the most popular airlines in Europe. Their official website is built with the help of Vue. Yet, the company does not disclose any details as to how or why they decided to implement this technology.


GitLab is a direct competitor of GitHub, and it is an open source platform for software development and DevOps lifecycle management. This Vue app offers a Git-repository manager, issue-tracking feature, and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment pipeline. The solution was developed by two Ukrainian engineers with the use of Rails + jQuery. However, these technologies turned out to be hard to scale, so the company gradually switched to Vue app. The choice of Vue helped the company to boost time and cost efficiency, to scale the application with complex features, and to grow in popularity and revenues.

To Wrap Up

Vue is definitely underestimated and underused. Many more companies would benefit from it if they gave this technology a chance for their Vue apps. In any case, I believe that the days of Vue’s fame are yet to come. Soon it will be that the modern-day business world will not be able to do without this performant and lightweight JavaScript framework.

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