Angular 2 Developers

When launching a Web Application, you would probably want to see cutting-edge technologies and tools used to develop it.

Besides the basic stack, there is a wide range of powerful JS frameworks your team will have to choose from. Angular or React, Angular or Node, Angular 1 or Angular 2 and so on. Here we will pay attention to Angular 2 Development and find out when and on what types of projects it can be required.

So what is Angular 2 and how it can make your product better? Angular 2 is an open source JavaScript framework maintained by Google to build Web Applications in HTML and JavaScript and has been conceived as a mobile first approach. The Angular 2 JS framework is written entirely in Typescript and meets the ES6 specification. So Angular2 Development is component-based and the object orientation is much easier.

Key strengths of Angular 2 JS framework:

  • compared to Angular 1, Angular 2 is 5 times faster;
  • best for SPAs that update single view at a time;
  • very easy to integrate with other frameworks;
  • A possibility to use all the features from other JavaScript libraries;
  • easy to communicate with the database.

Our experienced Angular 2 JS Developers are sure, that the combination of Angular2 with TypeScript provides a big opportunity in OOP in the frontend and helps to deliver a better experience to your users. Today, Angular 2 Programmers can develop single-page apps, cross-platform web and mobile applications from different businesses.

Hire Angular 2 Developers

When looking for an Angular 2 Development company, pick a team with a good reputation on the market and pay attention to how they organize the communication process. For our astronauts, it is important to find the solution and convert it into clean programming code in order to automate your daily activities, reduce efforts, save expenses for your business and achieve the highest efficiency.

On the KeenEthics spaceship, we are looking forward to developing Angular 2 Apps of different complexity. For further information or questions, please contact us anytime!