PostgreSQL Development

Let’s start from what is PostgreSQL and what are its main benefits. Shortly, PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system with more than 15 years of active development.

PostgreSQL’s source code is available under an open source license. This license gives the freedom to use, modify and distribute PostgreSQL in any form.

One of the key pros of PostgreSQL is that it is highly customizable. PostgreSQL runs stored procedures in more than a dozen programming languages, including Java, Node.js, Perl, Python, Ruby, C/C++, and its own PL/pgSQL, which is similar to Oracle’s PL/SQL. PostgreSQL database developers can run it on all major operating systems, including Linux, UNIX, and Windows.

There is a long list of other PostgreSQL benefits for your project:

  • Significant saving on staffing costs. PostgreSQL has been designed and created to have much lower maintenance and tuning requirements, yet still retain all of the features, stability, and performance.
  • Reliability and stability. It is extremely common for companies to report that PostgreSQL has never, ever crashed in several years of high activity operation.
  • Extensible. The source code is available to all at no charge. If we need to customise or extend PostgreSQL in any way, we are able to do so with a minimum of effort, and with no attached costs. This is complemented by the community of PostgreSQL professionals and enthusiasts around the globe that also actively extend PostgreSQL on a daily basis.
  • Designed for high volume environments. PostgreSQL is extremely responsive in high volume environments.
  • GUI database design and administration tools. There are many high-quality GUI Tools available for PostgreSQL development from both open source developers and commercial providers.

PostgreSQL has a proven architecture that has earned it a strong reputation for reliability, data integrity, and correctness. You should definitely choose PostgreSQL vs. MySQL for potentially scalable, fast-growing projects. But PostgreSQL is not only a powerful database system capable of running enterprise projects, it is a development platform to build web and software products as well.

PostgreSQL Database Developers

If you want to hire PostgreSQL developers and keep you budget cost-efficient, consider offshore software development service providers. Reasonable rates, huge talent pool, and favourable business climate make Ukraine one of the best destinations for outsourcing PostgreSQL services to.

When choosing a PostgreSQL service vendor in Ukraine, take into account several factors: what company’s portfolio says about expertise in various domains and technology areas, long-term partnerships with customers, available engagement models, does the company follow Agile Methodologies, etc. Check if the company has experience in other database systems, for example, MySQL.

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