MySQL Development Services

Using one of the most popular, simple, and secure database management systems for back end development


of back end developers prefer MySQL, according to the 2018 Stack Overflow survey.

What Is MySQL Database Development?

MySQL is a relational database management system, the most popular and one of the most secure databases in the field. This technology is simple but perfect. This traditional table-based system is easy to work with, it has all the necessary functionality and does not offer any excessive features. The basic knowledge of SQL is enough to understand and learn this technology.

It is perfectly suitable to face the most recent development challenges. In particular, MySQL database management system is designed to suit cloud development needs. This technology has a very clear and detailed documentation, and the support community is large. This way, using MySQL for your web or mobile app, you can be sure that this technology is not going to grow outdated any time soon.

If there is no way we can convince you to use a relational database, check out MongoDB development services that we offer.

Why MySQL Database?

  • Universal
    MySQL database management system supports almost every programming language and operating system. Thus, you can use it to develop back end of almost any app for any device.
  • Popular
    MySQL database is the most popular one as numerous surveys and reports show. Google, Wiki, NASA, Twitter, WordPress, and Walmart prefer MySQL over other databases.
  • Simple
    MySQL is very simple to learn, to install, and to use. Basic SQL knowledge will be enough to start working with this database management system.
  • Secure
    MySQL can handle heavy data flows and can be customized to manage over 8 TB of data. The database is protected with Password encryption and User privileges.

What MySQL Development Services Do We Offer?

  • MySQL database development and management
    MySQL database development and management
  • MySQL API development
    MySQL API development
  • MySQL architecture design
    MySQL architecture design
  • MySQL testing and QA services
    MySQL testing and QA services
  • MySQL security hardening services
    MySQL security hardening services
  • MySQL consulting services and support
    MySQL consulting services and support

Why KeenEthics?

1Empowering growth.

The software industry is so competitive that it barely gives a chance for a mistake. At KeenEthics, we understand the pressure that the business world puts upon you, and we strive to help you succeed. By offering custom software solutions of high quality, we empower the growth of your business.

2Building value.

KeenEthics has a mission: We strive for a tech world devoted to the social good. We believe that the ethical attitude towards our employees, partners, fellow citizens, and the global community in general is the utmost value we can offer. When partnering up with KeenEthics, you can count on our honesty and transparency

3Launching in a matter of weeks.

The software industry competition requires you to think and act fast. If you are tired of endless calls and meetings, of complex bureaucratic structures, we are here for you. Our Partner Engagement Manager will make sure that your communication with us is efficient and concise.

4Bringing tech expertise.

As a back-end development company, KeenEthics specializes in only two technologies – MySQL and MongoDB. Such a narrow focus lets us make sure that we excel in these technologies. Our MySQL developers will gladly share their technical and business-related experience with you.

5Protecting your data.

Data safety should be your number one concern regardless of what app you plan to develop. This is where MySQL comes in handy. Known as an incredibly secure technology, MySQL database management system lets our developers ensure the highest level of information and data safety.

Case Studies

Business Research Platform

This business research platform helps users choose the most suitable investment option. The company we cooperated with serves the role of a business mediator. It brings together business people who need a consultation and consultancy agencies that are willing to provide such services. The system we have developed is an internal tool for the company employees. It features convenient communication and scheduling tools, which minimize the need for any other tools to be used. As the platform features a lot of personal data, the security of it is the number one concern. MySQL database development of back end helped us ensure the ultimate level of data safety.

Technologies:React,Node.js,LoopBack,MySQL,AWS (SES, S3, Secrets Manager, Lambda, CloudWatch, ElasticSearch, Kibana),Serverless,Terraform,Jenkins
Methodology: Kanban
Team: 3 developers, 1 QA, and 1 PM

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