Hapi.js Development Services

For most of the web-based projects basic web development tools are not enough. To build a project in the best way possible, development teams involve different technologies and frameworks depending on the wanted result.

In the list of often used frameworks, you will definitely find Hapi.js. Let us start from what is Hapi JavaScript framework and for what type of projects it is used. In short, Hapi is a framework for building applications and services of different complexity, from eCommerce to powerful enterprise applications.

The Hapi.js framework has a few benefits making development easier and faster:

  • Easier setup with ready-to-go defaults;
  • Good error handling;
  • Powerful reply interface;
  • Better testability.

Another good thing about Hapi.js development is that it enables developers to focus on writing application logic instead of spending time building infrastructure.

The Hapi.js framework is empowering such companies as PayPal, Condé Nast, Disney, Macy`s, microapps, Mozilla, Muzzley, Open Table, Walmart, Yahoo, and a lot more.

Hire Hapi Developers

For many small to large companies, outsourcing remains one of the most effective tools to keep the budget within reason. Outsourcing can save up to 40% of costs compared to in-house development. We suggest to you to consider Eastern Europe as an outsourcing destination due to the best cost-quality balance.

On our KeenEthics spaceship, we are passionate about delivering next-generation web apps and products. We can take care of front-end and back-end development, API Integration, chatbot development and related services.

We are good at Hapi.js development, Vue.js, React.js, Next.js, Express.js, and other world-known technologies. For example, if you have a project running on Node.js Hapi.js will be a great match and we will be able to improve your project with it.

Our astronauts respect documentation and follow standards while writing code. That is how our code is easy to maintenance and support.

Contact us to hire a skilled Hapi.js development team that will help you to achieve the best possible result.