Electron Development Services

Using a convenient and popular runtime framework to create cross-platform desktop apps


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What Is Electron Development?

Electron is a runtime framework for cross-platform desktop development, which was initially released in July 2013 by OpenJS Foundation. The idea of Electron is to bridge the gap between web and desktop development and facilitate the latter. Electron framework uses Chromium and Node.js to let you build a desktop app with JS, HTML, and CSS. If you have an existing web app, migrating it to desktop platforms should be no big deal since most of the code can be reused. If you do not feel like learning Electron, request the services of an Electron JS development company.

While desktop apps are not that popular anymore, in some cases, they are necessary. Sometimes, it is just a matter of personal preference. Other times, it is the functionality that only desktop allows implementing. Whatever your case is, if you want to develop a desktop app, we suggest developing it with Electron. This way, you will easily move it to the web if necessary.

Why Electron?

  • Universal
    Electron apps are compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux, so developing a cross-platform desktop application is as easy as it could ever get.
  • Popular
    Electron is an open source project maintained by GitHub and an active community of contributors. It has been used to create applications by companies like Microsoft, WordPress, WhatsApp, Slack, Avocode, and inVision.
  • Convenient
    Electron framework greatly facilitates development. It features automatic updates, crash reports, native menus, and native notifications. Debugging and profiling are also simpler with Electron.
  • Time-efficient
    Since Electron spares the need to develop a separate desktop app for each platform, it saves you a lot of development hours. It also saves time for those who move their app from web to desktop

What Electron Development Services Do We Offer?

  • Electron app development
    Electron app development
  • Electron applications maintenance and support
    Electron applications maintenance and support
  • UI/UX development for Electron
    UI/UX development for Electron
  • Electron data management
    Electron data management
  • Custom Electron software development solutions
    Custom Electron software development solutions
  • Electron migrating
    Electron migrating

Why KeenEthics?

1Empowering growth.

If a desktop app is essential to your business strategy, as an Electron JS development company, we will gladly help you develop it. The advantage of Electron desktop development is that it takes notably fewer hours to achieve the same result as when developing native desktop apps for each platform separately. Fewer hours will cost you less, so you will have more budget to fund other needs.

2Building value.

Transparency and respect are the essential values that we build our cooperation upon. By communicating openly and honestly, we will make sure that the development process is as effective as it only can be. Also, our mission is to inspire the tech world to invest in social good. Do you feel like joining us in this endeavor? We will happily invite you as a partner!

3Launching in a matter of weeks.

We spent months and years to optimize our partner engagement process. Now, we can proudly say that we achieved the point where the project can be launched in the shortest terms possible. Our Partner Engagement Manager will make sure that all your ideas and needs are heard, well-documented, and understood. When she forwards these to a PM, the project will be ready to start.

4Bringing tech expertise.

All our software engineers are full-stack and JS-oriented. Some of them have 10+ years of development experience, some are W3Schools certified. Through regular code reviews, pair programming, and knowledge-sharing events, our Electron JS development company ensures the optimal quality of software. Along with technical expertise, our specialists have industry-specific experience, which they will happily share.

5Protecting your data.

One of the major concerns about Electron apps is data security of these. Yet, this concern will not turn into a threat if Electron development is handled by an experienced and devoted Electron JS development company. We make sure that the app follows all technical data safety requirements, as well as legal ones. Our cooperation will also be protected by the NDA if you choose to sign one.

Case Study

Let’s Start Coding

It is an interactive educational system for children to learn the basics of programming. The Let’s Start Coding system consists of a web platform, an Electron desktop app, and physical coding kits – printed circuit boards in the shape of cars, rockets, or pianos. By playing and trying to manipulate the behavior of this hardware, children are encouraged to learn to code.

Methodology: Scrum
Team: 2 full-stack developers, and 1 QA specialist.

Now, let’s discuss your business idea!