AMP Web Design and Development Services

It comes as no surprise that approximately 60% of world population utilize smartphones as their daily driver for web browsing. These small, yet, efficient devices have proven to be not only helpful but much more convenient than a traditional laptop. Thus, the need for a Google accelerated mobile page (AMP) setup is paramount. With this technology, web pages load significantly faster and the overall user experience becomes much better. The system will boost your earnings and you will end up getting more visitors to your site.

Google AMP Development Service

Back in 2016, Google launched the AMP project and ever since, the popularity of it grew immensely. The basic idea behind this service is to increase performance of each page by loading assets much faster. These so-called accelerated mobile pages are very responsive and are often utilized by every major e-commerce company. The core benefit of given framework is that you develop content once and enhance it basically everywhere. According to Google, the AMP will load five times faster while eating ten times fewer mobile data. Moreover, the company announced that their web engine will favor AMP-powered pages more than the traditional ones. Another key component of this project is the fact that by incorporating this technology, the bounce rate will be reduced, making your potential clients stay on the website longer due to a positive and instant experience. Last but not least, enhanced pages will be featured in Google search more often. Ignoring such service may potentially result in the loss of traffic, engagements, and clicks.

Accelerated Mobile Page Development Services

Our company provides a lot of services, and AMP is one of them. We have been installing this toolbox in the past and can easily state that the process is painless and does not require a lot of time. With the help of this technology, you will be able to publish content much faster. As a result, more revenue from ads and subscriptions can be expected. We fully understand that installing the AMP isn’t enough as you need to know what kind of information works best with the improvement. Our team utilizes the most relevant information to increase the effect of AMP, and we know how content can impact the end performance of a page. It does not matter where your business is situated as the project allows us to implement the system and adapt it to all kind of audiences.

Advantages Of Accelerated Mobile Pages (Amp)

AMP incorporates a full set of benefits which your business can harvest from day one. To give you an idea, here are some of the immediate effects that AMP brings to the table.

  • Faster website loading times - By eliminating useless elements, the page becomes less bloated and the overall load time is reduced. Visitors to your site will enjoy the fact that the layout is clear and responsive;
  • Increased mobile ranking - Despite the fact that AMP is not a ranking booster, it still has an impact on the rank of the website because your pages load faster. If by any chance Google starts to prioritize AMP-powered pages, your SERP rank will increase dramatically;
  • Improved server response - If your business experience a huge influx of users, the stress they put on the server will essentially be reduced. This will lead to reduced expenses as you server maintenance procedures will be cut in half. Not to mention the fact that the available space can lead to the modernization of the site;
  • Improved SEO - The need for customized content will be reduced and you will able to gather data much faster. Moreover, your page will show up in the search engine more frequently;
  • No need for a dedicated map site - you don't have to create an XML file for your site as Google will pick them for you.

Although the benefits are clear, there are a few minor drawbacks the system is known for. The AMP does support Google Analytics, but you would be forced to use different tags as the results will end up being mixed. However, it is critical to mention that placing tags on an AMP page is just as easy as placing them on a non-powered page. True, this generates more work for you, but as mentioned above, the advantages simply overweight the cons. There is no real reason for you not to implement the form. With AMP enabled on your website, your business activities will increase in performance. Thus, if you decide on implementing the accelerated mobile page system, contact us as we have been working with the system since its launch.