Proof of Technology Solution

When an idea of a new product or service comes to mind, people often hesitate to bring it to life. It is easier to find the reason why we should not do anything rather than to give our idea a try. We think it will be difficult and in the end we will be disappointed.

Our astronauts suggest not to give up and take things easier. No one can develop a perfect web product or service at once. There is always some place for updates, adding new and removing old features, bug fixing and so on.

In this case, the best solution is to look for proof of concept services on the local or internal market. Generally, proof of concept is an evidence that demonstrates that a business model or idea is feasible, doable. A proof of concept is a system designed purely to demonstrate the functionality of a single or small set of principles to be integrated into other systems. Proof of concept is used to validate technical feasibility, helps identify potential stumbling blocks, helps determine the scope to complete the project.

We do not consider all UI/UX aspects, all possible tools, and technologies when creating a proof of concept because it is not only time-consuming but might dilute the ability to determine if the concept is viable. Proof of concept prototype does not have to be fully functional, it just has to prove that the idea you are willing to develop can be done.

Proof of concept vs Prototype

A lot of startups strive to receive a prototype as soon as possible. But not always it is necessary. Startups can save a lot of resources, including time, and costs if they start from the basics. Ideally, a path of the planning and developing should go like this:

  • Proof of Concept (PoC);
  • Prototype;
  • Pilot;
  • Production.

Therefore, the battle proof of concept vs prototype does not make much sense. And choosing between proof of concept vs pilot makes even less sense. As Tom Chi, co-founder of Google X says: “Maximizing the rate of learning by minimising the time to try things.”

Proof of concept prototypes can be implemented in many fields. They are commonly used in engineering, software creation, the film industry, pharmaceutical companies, business developments and so on.

In most cases, for investors, it is enough to see a proof-of-concept or a prototype in order to make a decision on whether they are willing on financing your idea or not.

To make the budget smart and avoid overpaying, hire an outsourcing software development service provider that delivers proof of concept services abroad. A lot of development companies in Eastern Europe have experience helping startups to grow. For example, on our KeenEthics spaceship, management, development and quality assurance teams are enough qualified to launch a high-class startup product or service, and, of course, we can deliver a proof of concept service and check your cool ideas. Contact us and we will be glad to bring your idea to life!