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What is Business Administration?

Managing and developing a successful business requires you as a business owner to put a great deal of effort almost 24/7. To save yourself some time and energy, you hire a team of people. Some business responsibilities you delegate include: HR, marketing, accounting, analysis and reporting, security, task and resource management. To facilitate business growth even further, you develop various software solutions and integrate them into your business system. HR management platforms, accounting systems, security solutions, or task management platforms – these aim to improve your business performance and productivity by sparing some routine tasks.

Custom Business Administration Software Development Services We Offer

HR Management Platforms

HR Management Platforms

File Management Systems

File Management Systems

Business Security Solutions

Business Security Solutions

Marketing & SEO Platforms

Marketing & SEO Platforms

Accounting Platforms

Accounting Platforms

Enterprise resource planning systems

Enterprise resource planning systems

Task Management Solutions

Task Management Solutions

Business Analysis & Report Systems

Business Analysis & Report Systems

Customer relationship management systems

Customer relationship management systems

AI, IoT, and cloud solutions for business

AI, IoT, and cloud solutions for business

Challenges in Business Administration Software Development

  • challenges you faceCHALLENGES YOU FACE

    Resource scarcity

    Profitability is the first objective of a business. To make sure that it brings you income, you should start with minimizing expenses.
    How do you optimize resource usage or address the scarcity?

  • challenges you faceSOLUTIONS WE OFFER

    • Develop a resource management platform for your business.
    • When developing software, choose an agency with an ethical and flexible approach to payment.
  • Data security

    Your business files contain a lot of personal information about your employees and clients. Sure thing, you do not want anyone to get access to this data.
    How can you protect your business from an error or an attack?

    • Hire a team of professionals, who will develop high-quality bug-free code.
    • Make sure that your business software complies with laws and data safety regulations.
  • Conflicts of interests

    The larger your company grows, the more likely are the conflicts of interests to occur.
    How do you make sure that these do not affect your business success?

    • While you cannot prevent COI’s, you can minimize the negative impact.
    • Report all the conflicts of interests to the business management and deal with them at once.

COI Management Solution CIRE365

To ensure the security of your business, please, consider the solution that our partners at Silvertown Technologies have developed.

Silvertown Technologies Logo

CIRE365 is a cloud application development platform, a Conflicts Management solution offered by Silvertown Technologies. CIRE stands for Conflicts of Interests Registry for Employees. It makes sure that your cloud-based app meets the MiFID II requirements on Conflicts of Interest. MiFID II is a legislation introduced by the European Union, which regulates financial markets in the EU and protects investors. It requires you to register all the potential or actual conflicts of interest that occur at the workplace. CIRE365 reports directly to your managers and supervisors.

With CIRE365, you can:

  • Leverage Compliance capabilities in our team of experts (5+ years international experience)
  • Manage your Integrity Risks well with a secure Cloud application
  • Create full transparency with smooth workflow and HR integration
  • Avoid reputational damages and regulatory scrutiny
  • Minimize business impact from Compliance

It is a real-time highly automated solution for organizing the workflow and compiling reports. There is a dashboard for prioritizing and optimizing the workflow. The platform offers a built-in reporting function, which lets you schedule reports and adjust their content to your needs. The system is also provided with reminders, alerts, and updates for the best user experience.

CIRE365 supports the integrity and ethical approach of your company. This is what our KeenEthics & Silvertown Technologies partnership is based on.



It is a platform for the business people to find part-time employees and for the professionals to find a part-time job. Workbooking helps the people who are looking for specialists in a certain field for a certain task in a particular place and time. Meanwhile, it lets professionals who are looking for a part-time job to find the potential employer. This platform features convenient searching and scheduling tools and is available on any device.

Technologies:MongoDB,Meteor andReact
Methodology: Scrum
Team: 3 full-stack developers, 1 QA specialist, and 1 PM

The Check Network

It is a one-of-a-kind business development and promotion platform. It presents universal SEO solutions for companies from different industries. The Check Network is an international network. It combines localized price comparison websites on various themes and subjects, ranging from coffee products to equestrian goods.

Technologies:Meteor andReact
Methodology: Scrum
Team: 3 full-stack developers and 1 QA specialist

Black Book

It is an enterprise solution for large companies with numerous employees. Black Book has been developed for and together with NOKIA. This app helps to track real-time statistics on company employees around the world. You can estimate the number of employees by the department they work in, as well as by the market, country, or city they represent.

Technologies:Meteor, Ionic,Angular, and D3.js
Methodology: Kanban
Team: 1 full-stack developer and 1 QA specialist

Why KeenEthics?

As a business software development company, we strive to satisfy the needs of your business and the best interests of your users.

1Empowering growth

Regardless of the stage you are currently at, we strive to help your business continue growing. We understand that you need the results to be quick, effective, and high-quality. By cooperating continuously and transparently, we make sure that our partnership is fruitful.

2Building value

Ethics is the fundamental principle we abide by. We build our cooperation according to the principles of trust and honesty. Also, we will ensure that your business software solution will adhere to legal, technical, and ethical guidelines.

3Launching in a matter of weeks

If you want to jump straight into development, we are not going to hold you back. Our engagement stage is optimized and short, and we are ready to offer you exactly the number of software professionals that you need. You may hire developers, QAs, designers, and a PM in the shortest terms possible.

4Bringing tech expertise

Our company has sound experience in business administration software development. Aside from commercial projects, we have developed a number of solutions that help us manage our internal business processes. Our accounting, HR, and content management systems are fully powered by the software our developers have developed. Let us share this experience with you.

5Protecting your data

We comply with all data security regulations because we understand how valuable your project idea is. Also, regardless of how trustful our cooperation is, we want to keep it legal. If you sign a non-disclosure agreement, we will respect your desire to keep our cooperation private.

Now, let’s discuss your business idea!