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Welcome to Our Referral Program

quotes I am happy to see you were directed by one of our satisfied customers. KeenEthics is your ethical software development partner with a special referral offer. You can read about the offer below or book a meeting with me, and I will introduce you to the benefits of working with us personally. quotes

What does your project need?

You can employ our software experts to analyze all the pitfalls and hidden risks of your project. We offer you one free week of working with either a business analyst, a UX/UI designer or a solution architect depending on your need.

Each expert can bring a unique insight into your project allowing you to start it on the right note. Learn more in this article: How to Start With Success or The Product Discovery Process.

You can choose a QA expert who fits your outstaffing needs in the best way. For two weeks, the expert will be working on functional testing revealing the ways we can improve your software.

After you receive the final QA report, you will be able to assess the value and continue working with the dedicated QA expert on a full-time or an hourly basis.

What does free Product Discovery offer?

Free Quality Assurance


What Discovery Stage do you want?

2 UX/UI Discovery
3 Technical Discovery
4 Project Estimate


The business analyst gathers requirements from all stakeholders, including target audience interviews and market research, to build a solution that will bring value. The backbone of the analysis revolves around the target audience and your competition that may already serve the audience.

Main deliverable: User Stories
Business Analyst: Ilona Shvahla

UX/UI Discovery

The designer analyzes your business requirements and the user needs to develop an exceptional User Experience and an elegant User Interface. The designer analyzes your business requirements and the user needs to develop an exceptional User Experience and an elegant User Interface.

Main deliverable: lo-fi wireframes
UX/UI designer: Olga Boichuk

Technical Discovery

The solution architect analyzes the artifacts of the product discovery phase to make sure that the designed business logic is technically implemented and offers the optimal technical solution including the optimal ways to implement it.

Main deliverable: Solution Architecture
Solution architect: Yurii Stadnyk

Project Estimate

The product manager leads you through the product discovery process managing the teamwork, the communication, the reporting, and the delivery. After the product discovery, the manager provides you with a detailed project estimate for you to make an informed decision about the project launch.

Main deliverable: Detailed Project Estimate
Solution architect: Andrii Terletskyi
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Meet KeenEthics


KeenEthics is an ethical web and mobile development partner based in Eastern Europe and represented in the Netherlands and the United States.

Since 2015, we have been solving business challenges with full-cycle development. More than 40 companies have turned their ideas into lucrative products with us. The successful web and mobile projects include PWA, MVP, cloud and IoT, chatbots, and AI-powered solutions.

As an ethical company, we strive for a tech world devoted to social good. We always welcome partners to join us in our mission.

Here is our tech stack: Node.js, React, Aurelia, Vue, Angular, Express, Electron, Ionic, Cordova/PhoneGap, Svelte, Meteor, React Native, Mongo, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.

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Our Partner Testimonials

We were impressed with Keenethics from the get-go. They really get startups and are able to work without perfect project-plans – making clever and reasonable assumptions as they go and clarifying when the need arises. Great team, solid communication and fast-paced, high-quality development. They really get startups and are able to work without perfect project-plans.

Jens Munch
Jens Munch from the UK
Founder of Pace, a revenue management software provider

Due to their responsiveness & patience, the collaboration itself progressed smoothly from start to finish, resulting in a high quality product & ensuring their continued engagement. KeenEthics’ skill set was exactly what was needed, & despite a language difference, communications never suffered

Mike Casey
Mike Casey from the USA, Georgia
Founder at BankerAdvisor, an investment banking company
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Despite the physical distance and never meeting each other in person, KeenEthics has built a complicated dairy industry related webapp for us. I found the cooperation in the development of this tool good, honest and straightforward.

Wim Honkoop
Wim Honkoop from the Netherlands
Founder at My Grass Growth, an agriculture company

KeenEthics delivers the required tasks within the time frame and at high quality.

Andreas Feller
Andreas Feller from the UK
Co-Founder & COO at WorldLabs, a business incubator platform
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