What Is Ruuster?

Industry:Real Estate
Size:3 < 10 employees
Location:Chicago, USA

Ruuster is a web tool that allows a user to manage homebuying processes like a pro. Each of us knows that homebuying is not only about costs or hours of searches. Homebuying is also about a new life stage, a new milestone. To make this experience memorable and not regret your choice, you have to keep everything under control. Today, it is possible with Ruuster!

Ruuster’s story started with personal experience. The project’s founder wanted to buy a new house. Soon, he realized that to organize the process effectively, he should use a single management platform. But there was no such homebuying platform yet. So, he decided to create Ruuster, a tool that helps users buy the right home at the right price and at the right time. The desire to help others and the motivation to modernize the process were the main reasons to give it a go. 

Ruuster is not another listing website. There are dozens of these, and not always, they can really help. Ruuster is a complex management system that allows users to keep all information in one place. More than that, this tool helps save money!

With plain language, its algorithms show you what fees you will face, help you choose the best agents, and explain what should be done to optimize homebuying and get the house of your dreams quicker. How much will it cost you? Nothing, because Ruuster is a free tool — a precious opportunity for property buyers!

Our Cooperation

Technologies:Node.js, React
Team:1 PM, 2 Developer,  1 QA

Challenges & Solutions

We were genuinely interested in turning the idea of Ruuster into reality, that is why our work process ran smoothly and effectively. When our team faced some difficulties, we eliminated them via effective communication. Pre-selected solutions and close interaction between all team members played a huge role in optimizing processes.

Since Ruuster is a web tool, the first challenge we faced was the problem with authorization. Thanks to the professionalism and dedication of our team, we quickly managed to eliminate it and ensure high quality. Our next challenge was the issue with analytics. Since analytics is as important as performance of a solution, we did everything possible to make sure that our clients get all the data and can analyze it effectively. 

Our Team

We analyzed the scope of work and time limits, and based on our estimation, we decided to assign 1 Project Manager, 2 Developers, and 1 QA to the project. Since this tool is a unique solution never presented on the market before, ensuring high quality was the number one priority. 


KeenEthics team created Ruuster from scratch, and it was a high responsibility to select the right technologies and develop a proper code base. This is why we chose the most stable frameworks with existing solutions for both back end and front end parts. We love developing products using Node.js and React technologies because we get great products in the end. With these technologies, we managed to ensure high effectiveness and speed, which are now the qualities especially appreciated by Ruuster users.


From the very beginning, we knew that Scrum methodology would work best for the Ruuster project. Why? Because this methodology helps find the balance between costs, performance, and quality and ensures that none of these aspects is compromised and each is implemented at the highest level. Apart from boosting user satisfaction, Scrum also improves team morale and helps us build long-lasting relationships with our clients and partners. 

What Makes Ruuster Special?

For KeenEthics, Ruuster is a project that will leave only pleasant memories. We are proud to help ambitious and creative people bring their ideas to life, especially when an idea is unique and innovative. Ruuster is an example of effective cooperation combined with high expertise, and KeenEthics hopes that this solution will win the hearts of thousands of users. 

Meantime, for users, Ruuster is considered an interesting product having no analogies on the market. Using this tool, people get the chance to expand their expertise of the real estate business, plan a budget for homebuying, get personalized cost estimates, make use of effectively organized checklists, and manage the whole process using a systemic approach. 

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It becomes clear that the market is growing when the diversity starts to show. The flexible workspace industry not only got bigger in size lately. It also branched out in the new directions. Knotel is the brand that was quick to keep upwith the market opportunities. They have recognized the growing demand for the workspace management services and created their own niche.

The idea behind Knotel

The lack of growth opportunities for the multiple startups in terms of real estate was somethingthat the founders of Knotel experienced themselves. There was too little space available for the new companies that would fulfill all their needs: being flexible enough to accommodate the changing number of teams and open for modifications at the same time. Thus, the primary goal of Knotel was to develop a flexible solution to this problem, and they managed to come up with a win-win situation for both lenders and tenants.

What Knotel did was creating the platform that would connect the owners of multiple commercial properties with the tenants in search of a flexibility. This way, the lenders would still have the long-term tenants, whereas the latter would not be tied to a single space and could later relocate to another location within the network of their lender.

Knotel is a unique service of managing workspace which is based on the principles of shared economy. Their model is sometimes described as Airbnb for the commercial real estate. The value proposition that Knotel offers to their customers is something that no other service can provide.

The benefits provided by Knotel

Knotel is basically an intermediary between the property owners and the companies looking for an accommodation. There is a number of benefits that the growing companies get from such arrangement.

Naturally, the greatest advantage is the flexibility. The company CEOs know that they can relocate at any given time, which deprives them of a headache that comes along with looking for an available property that will not be partially occupied by someone else.

Also, Knotel handles a bunch of other technical and specific things. Given that the intermediary takes on all the real estate-related tasks, the businesses that use their service don’t have to deal with the typical office management issues.

As a result, the customers of Knotel get even more than that. They have the luxury to fully concentrate on the most important thing – developing their business.

Sui generis platform

The demand for the services of Knotel mainly comes from the small companies with 20+ people employed who are lured by the short-term lease opportunities. It may seem that this approach is not new to the flexible workspace industry, but this impression is deceptive. The position of Knotel on the market is pretty solid, which is ensured by the way they get their profit. Whereas many other workspace management companies rely on the building leases and extract the revenues from license or membership fees, Knotel embraces the terms resembling that of hotels and partners up with the landlords under profit-sharing arrangements. This makes the company remain in a safe place in the event of a downturn.

Although Knotel is a relatively new company, they see further growth, and more opportunities are yet to come for this aspiring venture.

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Pace Revenue

What Is Pace?

Pace is one of the best revenue management software solutions for hotels and hostels based on the machine learning system. It provides a user with convenient tools for data analysis and reporting. The application visualizes Python REST API of the service and generates data that can later be used for revenue management purposes and subsequent business growth.

Managing revenues manually is time-consuming and not necessarily effective. Pace lets the user automate and therefore, optimize this process. It lets the business respond to the everchanging demands of the market and timely adjust the pricing strategy. This application is both a great operational consultant and a financial advisor for revenue management strategy.

Our Cooperation

The platform was designed as a complex data collection and analysis system. The main challenge with revenue management solutions is how to make the interface intuitive, user-friendly, and elegant without losing in terms of functionality. We strove to create a platform that would be easily understood by both new and experienced users.

More than that, we realized how huge the information flow was going to be, and we had to make sure that the application would withstand the load.

We have managed to develop stably functioning front-end with simple navigation and visually appealing data charts.

The system was developed as a web application with the use of React.

As for the project management methodology, we have used Waterfall since the customer had clear requirements and was badly limited in terms of time. Do you want to learn more about how to choose the optimal development methodology?

What Makes Pace Special?

Business value

Pace is one of the best revenue management software solutions, which grants hospitality management the power to strike a balance between business revenue optimization and the interests of their customers as it lets them set the optimal price. The service takes into account the industry segment tendencies and demands and changes the price hourly to offer the best and most relevant one.

Real-time forecasts

Unlike most revenue management solutions, Pace enables a business to forecast booking curves ahead of the time. It foresees the unusual patterns and gives one the ability to respond immediately. Based on the obtained data, the user can adjust their pricing for each segment, room category, and date.

Customer needs kept in mind

Business revenue is generated from different market segments, and these segments need to be treated differently. What makes Pace stand out among other revenue management systems is that the service lets the user differentiate between customers and set the price that is the most appropriate for a particular segment.

Organization and convenience

The dashboards organize all the relevant information in one place and let a property owner see the overall business picture at a glance. If the user needs more detailed information, they can move from the general dashboard to more specific charts. It is fast and convenient since Pace is one of those revenue management systems that value the time and effort of their users.

Multifaceted interaction

The user can track data on a particular property or on all properties at the same time. They can monitor all the events around each property, get insights on the booking behavior of their customers, or compare the performance of each marketing segment in order to develop a comprehensive revenue management strategy. More than that, they can control user access and add notes for their team.

Gorgeous intuitive interface

Despite Pace being a comprehensive data management tool for business, it has an intuitive user-friendly and beautifully designed interface. It arranges even the most complex data into a coherent visualization for revenue optimization. No training is required to figure out the dashboard functionality, and the user is able to start working right away.


The pricing strategy is rather competitive comparing with the other revenue management systems. It is flexible as the price depends on the property type and the set of functions that the user needs. It may vary from 2 to 9 euros per room a month. For those who are still not a hundred percent sure whether Pace is the most suitable platform for them, the company offers a one-month-long trial period absolutely for free.

We were impressed with Keenethics form the get-go. They really get startups and are able to work without perfect project-plans – making clever and reasonable assumptions as they go and clarifying when the need arises. Great team, solid communication and fast-paced, high-quality development.

Array Jens Munch Founder of Pace

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What Is Immocloud?

Industry:Real Estate
Size:>10 employees
Location:Düsseldorf, Germany 🇩🇪

Immocloud is a property management platform, which connects renters and tenants. Real estate owners can manage their property easily and independently. The benefits of this platform include intuitive operation, personalized dashboards, digital document management, finance automation, online communication with tenants, and personalized support. Ultimately, going digital and getting rid of all the paperwork is a valuable opportunity that Immocloud offers.

Our Cooperation

Platform:Cross-platform mobile app (iOSAndroid)
Technologies:React,  React Native,  Redux
Team:1 PM, 1 QA, and 1 full-stack developer

Challenges & Solutions

The first challenge we faced was data security. Our client took it very seriously — they could not afford to risk or lose precious data of their users. To address their concern, we have implemented SSL encryption.

Our Team

Our agile team involved one Project Manager, one full-stack mobile developer, and one Quality Assessment specialist.


The web platform for Immocloud has already been developed by our predecessors. In turn, we have created a cross-platform mobile app for both Android and iOS using the means of React Native. For managing screens and routing, we used react-navigation (4.x) — it was selected instead of react-native-navigation due to big amount of custom headers and navigation views. To manage shared state, mostly for chat screens, we used Redux. For building data charts and for date utils, we used D3.js and moment.js respectively. To simplify network requests, axios was used. Finally, to implement everything that was missing in JS, we used lodash.


Our cooperation with Immocloud was quite flexible. We did not strictly implement any particular Project Management methodology but organized the work on the project using Agile practices.

What Makes Immocloud Special?

Immocloud is a unique property management platform due to the ten fundamental features it offers.

1. Multiple properties management

Those owners who have a few properties can monitor and compare the financial performance of their real estate objects using Immocloud. Financial datasets on every property are united in a single dashboard — managing multiple properties has never been so simple.

2. Contact management

Immocloud lets you keep all the important contacts at hand — phone number and emails of tenants, partners, service providers, and craftspeople.

3. Rent management

Immocloud implements a rent management function, which lets the users see all the received and pending rent payments.

4. Finance management

Rents are not the only financial transactions that take place in property management. Immocloud also lets you record other profits and expenses — to see the bigger picture of the total cash flow.

5. Advanced finance management

The advanced finance management function gives you an opportunity to go beyond the Immocloud system, email receipts to your inbox, and process transactions there.

6. Document management

Immocloud provides a space for storing and sharing images, agreements, receipts, and other documents that you might need. Now, you do not need to have a paper copy of your agreement with a renter — you both can sign a digital version of it.

7. Communication management

Another function that Immocloud offers is sending SMS or email messages to your contacts directly vie the platform.

8. Operating cost management

Immocloud offers you a digital assistance, who will compile operating costs statements for you. This process will take only a few minutes.

9. Communication portal

You can invite your tenants to the Immocloud portal, communicate with the there, share documents, gather feedback — all you need to provide a better service.

10. Mailing management

Immocloud handles the necessity to send emails to your contacts. Instead of going to the post office, arrange letters via the platform, and Immocloud will send them.

P.s. Information security

Also, Immocloud pays particular attention to the question of security. “Your real estate is your personal security. We will do the rest.”, they say. This platform is compliant with GDPR, stores data in a highly secured, ISO 27001 certified data center in Germany, uses SSL encryption, and backups all the data regularly.

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