What Is uMore?

Size:< 10 employees
Location:Dubai, UAE

Being consumed by our daily routine, we forget about our mental health. Though we should not. Under the conditions of the pandemic, we need to doubly care about how we feel and why. Designed as a response to COVID-19 and lockdown, uMore aims to make people’s lives more comfortable and happier.

uMore is an AI-powered tool for tracking your wellbeing. It helps you change and improve your behaviors to reduce the levels of stress and build positive habits. Using uMore, people have the chance to share their information with family, friends, or physicians — anyone constituting a part of their safe circle.

What is a safe circle? In uMore, a safe circle is a group of your closest people whom you trust. They can analyze your behavior and even take the necessary measures to prevent stressful situations in your life. 

Catch, check, and change — this is how we describe the main functions of uMore. Firstly, open the app and get a chance to catch all your negative thoughts and feelings in one place. Why do you need this? Because realizing and acknowledging our problems is a half-way to solving them. Secondly, check the overall picture. Systematize all your information and get a better understanding of your inner state as well as the ways to improve it. Thirdly, change your thoughts and attitudes — change your life quality and boost your wellbeing, sharing positivity with your safe circle!

Our Cooperation

Technologies:React and Cordova
Team:1 PM, 1 QA, and 1 developer

Challenges & Solutions

Using technologies for helping others and making the world a better place is a part of our growth strategy. So, it was a pleasure to help our clients build an Artificial Intelligence app that would take care of users’ mental health and give them useful tips on how to improve their lives. Because we all saw the global goal behind this project, there were no particular challenges on our way. Our cooperation with uMore initiators was fruitful and effective. We are sure that this AI mental health app will become an indispensable part of users’ daily routine!

Our Team

Our professional expertise allowed us to achieve maximum results in the shortest terms.KeenEthics team assigned to this project consisted of 1 Project Manager, 1 QA specialist, and 1 Developer. Together, we managed to provide our client with a powerful and novel software solution that meets users’ needs and serves the common good.


For this project, we used React and Cordova, which enabled us to develop a powerful and visually attractive solution for Android.


To manage time efficiently, we decided to base our work on Scrum methodology. As a result, the development process was fast-moving and productive.

What Makes uMore Special?

uMore is relevant. If I asked you to name a person who was not affected by the pandemic, who would come to your mind? It seems to be a very hard question because almost everyone feels the adverse effects of today’s difficult situation. Mental health therapy apps such as uMore are developed to cope with the pandemic outcomes and not only.

uMore is flexible. This Artificial Intelligence app does not bind you to anything. uMore is not here to promote particular medical treatments — it is here to give you a tool to cope with stress and improve your health.

uMore is reliable. Only credible information is incorporated in this software solution. uMore is an AI mental health app that identifies your stress level with the scientifically proven PSS (Perceived Stress Scale) method. Then, based on your results, uMore helps you figure out what matters to you and why. It takes control over the quality of your wellbeing and visualizes your progress.

uMore is socially vital. One of the peculiarities of this AI mental health app is the idea behind the project. Maria Freitas, uMore CEO, reveals the story that prompted her to build such an app. Like many other people today, her family was also affected by COVID-19. As the case of Maria’s sister showed, those coming down with the coronavirus struggle with mental health a lot. For people facing a similar situation, uMore will become a real and helpful solution aimed to decrease mental health pressure and make users feel heard and needed. 

uMore is topical. This app revolutionizes the understanding of mental health and its importance. While most of us care about physical health and our appearance, we pay less attention to our feelings and thoughts. Yet, the importance of mental health therapy apps has been proven by uMore’s award-winning strategy:

  • Winner of Unite to Fight Covid-19 Startup Weekend UK 2020
  • Resident in In5 Dubai Tech Innovation Center 2020
  • Winner of Techstars COVID-19 Innovation Bootcamp Global 2020.

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OneRemission is a company headquartered in New York but with the team members across 4 continents. It aims at making the lives of cancer survivors, fighters, and supporters easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

What Is OneRemission?

OneRemission was launched with the aim to help cancer survivors, fighters, and supporters learn more about cancer and post-cancer health care. It is one of the major apps in the field of Integrative Oncology, which encompasses post-cancer nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management practices. For the OneRemission team, a user’s physical, psychological, and emotional well-being is the highest priority.

How OneRemission Came to Be?

OneRemission, Inc. has mounted an immense challenge for themselves: to launch a company with the needs and interests of cancer survivors in mind, which would let them not feel lost after leaving the hospital.

They successfully beat it off, and today, they challenge others.

“Are you ready to join our team to disrupt the big pharma industry by making a new norm when every cancer survivor will have only One Remission?”

What Makes OneRemission Special?

Providing Valuable Knowledge

The app features a comprehensive knowledge base of diets, exercises, and post-cancer practices. It is curated by Integrative Medicine experts, whose goal is to let one live a safe and enjoyable life. For instance, a user can search for the information on cancer-related risks and benefits of a certain food product.

Providing a Sense of Confidence

The app helps patients who have recently left the hospital become self-sufficient and manage their lives by themselves, knowing that they do everything right without a constant need to consult a practitioner.

Providing Urgent Help

If there is a question that requires urgent help of a doctor, the app enables a user to consult with an online oncologist 24/7. Surely, it cannot substitute actual medical help in emergency cases. While the app does not offer a diagnosis or medical prescriptions, it is a perfect solution for informational purposes.

Our Cooperation


When we started our partnership, we had two major objectives: to upgrade BotPress and refactor the code. These measures were to optimize the performance of the app and to boost its productivity.


Two devoted software developers and one professional Project Manager from KeenEthics were glad to help OneRemission pursue their great goal.


Currently, the application has been developed only for the iOS platform.

The technologies we used include:

  • Node js
  • Mongo
  • BotPress
  • WebSocket

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Blood Test Application

What Is the Project We Have Worked on?

This blood test management application aims at helping people record and interpret the results of their blood tests. It may not be relevant to an average patient. Yet, people with specific health conditions, such as diabetes, find this help with tracking blood test results to be of utmost importance.

This app allows creating a unique user profile with two-factor authentication, where blood test records are stored. A user can take a photo of the results, which will be analyzed by optical character recognition software. The results of the most recent tests are displayed on the dashboard. There is also an important section, which displays health aspects that need attention. The app offers a helpful function of health report generation and sharing. It is augmented with AI, which improves data analysis results according to the demographics and lifestyle of a user.

Importantly, this blood check app serves the educational function. It teaches users to understand and track blood test results themselves.

Our Cooperation

For this project, we have been working only on UI/UX design. The idea was to make it comply with the Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) model. That is, this blood test result analyzer app should be minimalistic, visually appealing, intuitively clear, and convenient.

Our professional UI/UX designer has developed an Empathy Map to define and analyze user persona. For the creation of designs, she employed such software as Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, InVision App, and Avocode.

Among other things, we have improved previous designs of login and signup screens to make it more convenient and user-friendly. Sign up is the last thing users want to do. So it is better not to ask the user to create a username until it is really required. Instead, the email ID or mobile number should be used as their username by default.

Touch ID screens have been also developed with the main goal in mind – to keep the application minimalistic.

Onboarding screens have been updated to make the process more comprehensive and clear. With mobile apps, the onboarding process is critical in determining the success or failure of a product. If the user is having trouble within the first few screens, they are to likely drop off with little hesitation.

Behavioral Gesturization has been also integrated. Gestures, such as pinching, swiping, and scrolling, can greatly facilitate and improve user experience. Knowing how users behave is crucial for gesturization in order to understand what actions they are familiar with.

What Makes This Case Special?

The greatest advantage of this application rests in the fact that it has been developed by people with medical expertise. Respectively, they know well what results it should generate, which aspects it should pay particular attention to, and what functionality a user should be offered. This is why the application is able to define precisely the areas that require medical attention.

There is also an extensive Q&A section, which turns the app into a medical reference book in one’s pocket. A user can find the necessary answer while at home or on the go. This greatly facilitates their lives and the lives of healthcare practitioners, who are freed from answering simple questions over and over again. If one still needs to talk to a doctor, this blood test results app features a convenient messenger.

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Digital Hospital App

What Is the Project We Have Worked on?

The owners of this website platform declare it to be an e-health digital hospital providing patients with comprehensive and high-quality medical care. Here, a user can request a consultation with any medical specialist.

The list of treatments offered includes:

  • cancer care
  • cosmetic surgery
  • weight loss surgeries
  • hair treatment
  • eye treatment
  • fertility treatment
  • orthopedic surgeries

With a single button click, a patient chooses any of the treatment options offered. Then, they can request treatment prices, free advice, or a treatment brochure. Having provided a few details about their case, they are asked about their financial opportunities. After that, they are offered to arrange a free consultation with a medical specialist at any point in time they choose. Finally, they enter the postcode to receive more detailed medical information about locations and prices. If they have already completed patient registration in the hospital information system, final arrangements are made, and the appointment is scheduled.

The goal of the integrated hospital information management system is to transform the outdated, disorganized, and inefficient traditional system of healthcare.

This project is the first among ehospital systems with fully digitalized administrative practices for the sake of improved patient and healthcare provider experience. It revolutionizes the interaction between patients and hospitals, offers a highly personalized experience for each patient, and enables healthcare specialists to get rid of unnecessary administrative tasks and to focus on providing outstanding medical care instead.

Our Cooperation


The major challenge was associated with data security. Since users input a lot of personal information into the web platform, we had to ensure that it is safe and immune to data breaches.

Another issue was associated with website loading speed since it features an immense database of medical data. Therefore, we had to integrate the database in a way that would not affect the performance of the platform.

Our Team

Two full-stack software developers and one Quality Assessment specialist have been working on developing front-end and back-end for this application and finding digital hospital solutions.


This web platform has been developed with the use of React and Node.js.


We cooperated according to the principles of Scrum in order to ensure continuous communication and interaction with the client. This PM methodology proved to be the most efficient as long as the requirements were constantly updated, and the partner strove to be constantly involved in the development process.

What Makes This Case Special?

For those who are still reluctant about whether to trust digital health specialists with their concerns or not, the platform offers a range of actual patient stories. Here, real users tell about their experiences with the digital hospital software and health outcomes they managed to achieve.

The online hospital management system features all the information in one place. Here, a user can instantly learn about available treatment options, prices and payment options, appointment information, and other medical details.

The digital hospital management software offers end-to-end care. Patients are guided and supported from the very first consultation through the treatment process and until the final recovery. Also, medical specialists offer holistic healthcare, meaning that they take care of both physical and mental health equally.

The platform features an extensive referral system. Each user is offered to invite a friend or a relative to the platform. This way, both the inviter and the invitee receive a discount of £100.

Data safety and privacy are major concerns of the digital hospital system. To ensure these, the platform has a number of legal policies, which are clearly stated on the website. Before finally signing up as a user of the website, each patient is expected to agree with these regulations.

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Diagnostic Appointment Scheduling System

What Is the Project We Have Worked on?

Scheduling a doctor can be a long-lasting and troublesome experience. While holding on a line or standing in a queue, patients can lose some valuable time so that the treatment process gets more complicated. Ehospital systems are not yet as common as they should be. So, we are happy to have been involved in developing such a unique and important project.

The hospital management system we have developed is a platform for online searching and scheduling medical checks or appointments with a doctor. Through this hospital management software, a user can get in touch with a medical specialist in a few moments and get answers to all the pressing questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, the web platform features a messenger – a hotline via which users can ask questions or request consultations.

The idea of this electronic hospital was invented by a team of general practitioners, radiologists, and health insurers. Here, they aim to provide patients with general care and ultrasound checks in a convenient, time-efficient, and highly personalized manner. These professionals understand the importance of making accurate diagnoses, and that is what they strive to achieve. For diagnoses to be timely and definitive, general practitioners need to cooperate closely with diagnostic specialists. Otherwise, the medical investigation process can become protracted and ineffective.

The ultimate goal of this hospital information system is to facilitate communication patients and health providers, to improve the quality of medical care, and to make it more customer-friendly.

It aims to provide the most reliable, personalized, and relevant healthcare information. It is important that this hospital software does not strive to substitute physical hospitals. Instead, it aims to become a valuable addition to the traditional hospital information system.

Our Cooperation


We have been working with a code written by our predecessors, and the major challenge was to deal with existing errors and architectural flaws in this hospital management software. Respectively, at first, we have implemented unit tests. Then, we refactored the code and implemented the new syntax of React.

Our Team

Two full-stack software developers, one professional PM, and one expert QA specialist have been developing the hospital management system software.


This hospital software project has been developed with the usage of Python, Django, SQLite, React and Redux.


The cooperation was based on the principles of Scrum since the requirements were constantly changing and the partner wished to be actively involved.

What Makes This Case Special?

This case is unique because the common good rather than business profit is in the center of it. The company witnessed a huge success in achieving their goal of helping people. So far, tens of thousands of patients in the region have been seen by a doctor and a radiologist. The average cost for each visit is by at least 25% lower than in a traditional hospital. As long as the diagnostics hospital information system is improved, the number of unnecessary hospital referrals has dropped. Healthcare insurers report that excessive medical care costs have been decreased. In turn, patient satisfaction rates have grown significantly.

Besides providing personal medical care services, this hospital management software strives to drive an important social change. They organize successful public awareness campaigns and healthcare monitoring projects in order to improve the state of public health.

Their goals and objectives closely align with our business values as we share their desire to make ourselves and the local community healthier. Our corporate policies provide numerous healthcare initiatives for our employees, such as stand-up desks, healthy nutrition, massage, sports and education reimbursements, or smoking- and alcohol-free corporate parties. We also support local children with the charity initiative “Let Kids Move”.

In turn, our partners work hard to motivate people to balance their weight by exercising and eating healthily. The business understands that it is easier to prevent diseases rather than cure them, so they motivate the local community to live an active life.

The company pays particular attention to cardiovascular health, so they teach people about heart diseases and ways of their prevention. The campaign features both theoretical lectures, where people are educated on the structure and functioning of the cardiovascular system, practical lessons, where people are taught to act in an emergency, and physical training sessions to improve their physical health condition.

Also, the business supports people living with diabetes. The team educates such patients on various self-management practices and teaches others about how to provide help to these patients. Diabetes is a serious healthcare concern growing globally, and it is important that the company recognizes the problem.

The business supports women while they are going through menopause and educates them on the specifics of a female body. It works to reduce the stigma against female health issues and to promote gender equality in healthcare settings.

More than that, they have successfully launched a few public anti-smoking campaigns in the pursuit of decreasing the number of people addicted to this detrimental habit. Successfully combining theoretical lessons and physical exercising sessions, the company managed to considerably decrease local smoking rates.

Having succeeded in a few health initiatives in their home district, the business is planning to extend its area of influence to a few neighbor regions.

The company is doing an amazing job for the purpose of the public good, and we are truly proud to partner with such a decent company! Ehospital systems are the future of healthcare, and we have made an important contribution to the world of tomorrow.

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Hospital Marketing Administration System

What Is the Project We Have Worked on?

This web platform powered by Artificial Intelligence is aimed to facilitate and optimize hospital administration practices. This hospital management system is supposed to be used specifically by front desk assistants, marketing specialists, and business consultants since a great share of their work can be automated in order to let them pay more attention to the needs and interests of patients.

As a front desk assistant, this hospital management software can manage online scheduling, call back or send out messages to reactivate patients, send reminders, track different marketing channels, and compile a digital waitlist.

As a marketing specialist, this hospital information system can manage referrals, collect feedback, compile business growth reports, and design an effective website or improve SEO characteristics of the existing one.

As a business consultant, this web platform manages and analyzes business reports, gives insight into patient behavior, and analyzes various marketing channels.

Also, this hospital patient management software works with patients throughout all stages of their journey, meaning that it helps to attract, convert, and retain clients.

Our Cooperation


The first and major challenge that the company underwent was associated with a lack of resources. This is why they chose us – an ethical hospital software development company with a fair pricing approach. Furthermore, with the help of our development, the company got a second round of investment.

Besides, throughout hospital management software development, there was a problem with service rendering, and we managed to resolve it. We completed server bundling and solved a problem with Hot Module Replacement. This achievement has significantly improved the project architecture, which accelerated further hospital patient management software development.

Our Team

From our side, a middle software developer, a Quality Assessment specialist, an HTML/CSS coder, and a UI/UX designer were working on the front-end for this project. A team lead and developers working on the back-end of the hospital management software were provided from the client’s side.


For the hospital management software development of this web platform, we have used such technologies as React, Redux, Express, RethinkDB, and Webpack2.


To communicate effectively, we have used Kanban. The methodology was chosen by the client, but we fully agreed with this decision, and it proved to be fully effective for the hospital management software development.

What Makes This Case Special?

This hospital management system differs from any other similar platform because it greatly augments all the stages of a clinic marketing process.

At first, it is aimed to help your client base grow. The platform manages the online presence and reputation of the clinic. It targets the right audience through different marketing channels and encourages potential clients to visit the website. This is how this clinic management system attracts and converts clients.

Also, it effectively keeps track of all data in the record management software. Moreover, it conducts data analysis to reveal important tendencies and insights.

This platform can be used from any device, which means that patients can receive notifications while on the go.

As a result, the clinic using this hospital management system is very likely to promptly fill out all the calendar gaps with appointments. Respectively, the business outcome is increased, while the costs are reduced.

The company we have provided hospital management software development services for managed to become one of the most promising start-ups in the digital healthcare sector. It witnessed considerable growth in the demand for this hospital management system. Indeed, this platform seems to be a life-saver for clinics that struggle managing their online presence and other marketing activities.

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