What Is Brainable?

Industry:Education, Entertainment
Size:< 10 employees
Location:New York, USA

Do you want to challenge your working memory? Then Brainable is a perfect choice for you. After graduating from schools, colleges, and universities, we have no time for training our cognitive skills. At work, we do numerous tasks, while at home, we do some housework and then want to have rest. So how to find time for self-improvement? Together with Brainable founders, KeenEthics team gives you the answer.

The idea behind Brainable is to give users the chance to combine useful activity with a pleasant one. If we talk about our daily rest, what activities come to your mind? Usually, these are reading, watching Netflix, or playing games, aren’t they?. Brainable focuses on the last one and makes playing games not only entertaining but also useful. With only 15 minutes per day, you can make fun and simultaneously stimulate your brain using Brainable. 

Our Cooperation

Technologies:Node.js, Express, Firebase, React, Redux-Saga
Team:2 developers

Challenges & Solutions

To get a high-quality product in the end, we had to be doubly careful at the beginning. The first challenge on our way was to choose the open source app. We spent a lot of time selecting the right and the most reliable one. One more challenge was to improve the sending speed. At the beginning, the speed was unsatisfactory, and we had to figure out what could be done to improve it.

After we had configured the database, upgraded the app instance to AWS, and went from 8-12 emails per second to nearly 100 emails per second, the problem was eliminated. Despite challenges, we are proud of our results so far: the goal was to send 2 million emails per day, now we are steadily sending 3.6 million emails daily.

Our Team

At the beginning of the development process, one developer was assigned to the project. Soon, the number of team members increased to 2. It allowed our developers to enhance the speed of building software without compromising the quality. If you decide to try Brainable, you’ll see how many interesting features this brain games website has — this is the result of the prolific cooperation between KeenEthics developers and the project founders.


Complexity is not a problem for KeenEthics — it’s an opportunity! If the project requires us to apply numerous technologies, we eagerly use it as a chance to demonstrate our proficiency. For Brainable, our developers used the following technologies: Node.js, Express, Firebase, React, and Redux-Saga. As a result, users got a platform with a dozen of interesting functions, from progress tracking to training scheduling.


Kanban system was the best choice in the case of Brainable. Since the team consisted of two developers, the main task was to ensure continuous delivery and clear focus. The aspect of communication was no less important because of the wide range of technologies applied. On top of that, we did not want to waste both client’s time and money. Thanks to the correctly chosen methodology, we maintained the highest efficiency and maximized productivity. What did we get in the end? A powerful and entertaining platform with brain games that resonate with audiences of all ages.

What Makes Brainable Special?

The project bears significance for both users and the team that stands behind it. For users, the platform gives the opportunity to train the mind while resting. Playing games for the brain on Brainable is both useful and pleasant — and that is the main peculiarity of this project.

For KeenEthics team, the case of Brainable is also valuable and interesting. If you ask our developers about the most memorable experience with Brainable, they will definitely mention the unique system of Google Analytics. In this project, Google Analytics covered the following categories: users who reached the registration, users who filled out the email and saved it, users who selected the plan, users who paid. Such customization allowed Brainable team to see the engagement rates clearly, increasing website traffic and effectiveness.

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What Is SelfLeaders?

Industry:Education, Business Administration
Size:11-50 employees
Location:Stockholm, Sweden

Understanding your values is the key to understanding your motivation. Ever since the launch of SelfLeaders in 2009, this truth has defined their approach to working with individual and organizational transformation. The SelfLeaders company offers a variety of educational modules and tools for personal growth and professional development in self-leadership. Also, they deliver training vents and workshops, which help companies advance their corporate culture. Their target clients include businesses of different sizes, NGOs, and public sector organizations.

Our Cooperation

Platform:Android and iOS, desktop
Technologies:Meteor, GraphQL, and React
Team:4 developers, 1 QA, 1 PM

Challenges & Solutions

SelfLeaders would not be able to pursue its mission without going digital. Today, this company offers a set of personal development tools for the people who organize and participate in educational events. It provides an opportunity to conduct workshops with interactive materials, videos, presentations, etc.

We continue working on this project and constantly improving the applications for the best interest of the end-users. As of now, we have fully refactored the code, replaced Blaze with React and Meteor DDP pub/sub with Apollo/GraphQL. Moreover, we have implemented a new design and developed a lot of new functions.

Our Team

The team working on SelfLeaders tools for personal growth currently includes four full-stack developers, one QA specialist, and one Project Manager.


The tools for personal growth have been developed both for mobile Android and iOS platforms and for desktop. The tech stack we have used includes Meteor, GraphQL, and React.


We use Scrum since the project is being continuously developed and we closely communicate with the client. SelfLeaders is the best example of the Agile methodology successfully running on the project.

What Makes SelfLeaders Special?

The company aims to create “a more conscious, sustainable, and prosperous world” where everyone is a leader. SelfLeaders strives to inspire people to leave the limits of traditions and conventionality and to become self-organized, self-reliant, self-managing, and self-sufficient. It abandons the managerial hierarchy in its classical meaning and encourages other individuals and companies to discover their own potential and stimulate their own personal fulfillment. SelfLeaders is dedicated to helping others and highly values clarity, devotion, empathy, and freedom.

Over the course of the past year, the SelfLeaders company has grown, acquired new clients, gone global, and signed a contract with Spotify for a workshop including 300 people. They sold tools for personal growth and conducted leadership development training sessions for multiple companies from Sweden and all over the world, including Bonnierförlagen, Ricoh, Nordic, and SEB.

One of the essential self-development tools that SelfLeaders offers is The Values Tree — a simple personal growth reflection tool for personal development and a proactive mindset. Since its launch in 2016, it has been used by 26 000+ employees from all over the world. It enables a user to build their own tree of values while choosing among numerous options offered here. By understanding one’s values, a person can understand better what motivates or demotivates them. In turn, it will help them lead themselves and boost their personal productivity and performance.

Most importantly, the SelfLeaders team stays devoted to their goal even in their own business. Thus, for each digital tree that has been purchased from them, they offer such self improvement tools for free to students and NGO workers and also plant an actual tree in East Africa. This is how, each digital tree they sell helps not only their client but also students, NGO workers, and East African people. It is a rather simple scheme, which helps SelfLeaders maximize their global impact on leadership development.

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What Is ComicEnglish?

ComicEnglish is a service that helps users develop their language skills by playing games with the English learning chatbot. The service includes quests of various difficulty levels and language competence. This gamified platform motivates users to stay on the track of learning English with rewards and multiple fun features. Achieving a language goal becomes as simple as completing another level in a favorite game.

Our Cooperation


The world of education and self-development has changed, and nobody is eager to spend hours cramming grammar rules and doing boring bookish exercises. At the same time, this change opened multiple opportunities for companies willing to enter the ed-tech industry.

ComicEnglish, unlike most one-time install-open-and-delete applications, strove to keep English learners motivated. Together with their creative manager, we have developed an English learning chatbot making the language acquisition process easy, engaging, and entertaining.

Our Team

Two of our best software developers have been working on the project. To meet the best needs and possibilities of the client, they did not only develop the app but also tested it and managed the overall project.


The chatbot for learning English has been developed for both iOS and Android, with the use of Meteor and Ionic.


We used Kanban because the team working on the project was quite small and the requirements for this English bot were constantly changing.

What Makes ComicEnglish Special?

The English learning chatbot enables users to improve and practice their skills in listeningand writing and to develop knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. For this purpose, it features various language learning resources and tools, such as theoretical English lessons, word cards, daily games, fun stories with comic book characters, language quests, and chat rooms. To pass a game level, users have to apply their English skills to the best of their knowledge. To keep users engaged, the English bot sends daily notifications and updates.

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Let’s Start Coding

What Is Let’s Start Coding?

Children comprise the most common but the most difficult demographic group of students. While studying is a major activity they are involved in, educators often find it difficult to retain the attention and interest of a kid. For this reason, they should encourage natural curiosity, give children an opportunity to choose their own learning path, and minimize the chance of failure.

Let’s Start Coding is a desktop application aimed at teaching kids on the basics of computer coding. It effectively inspires natural curiosity in kids since the tasks are not trivial.

Besides the software part, there are some physical code kits, which look like printed circuit boards shaped like a car, a rocket, or a piano. By letting students choose a kit for themselves, Let’s Start Coding enables children to choose their own learning path. By coding the behavior of code kits, children are taught the basics of programming.

Also, the lessons are subsequent and comprehensive, leaving no room for knowledge gaps. Yet, even if a certain task appears to be too complicated, the program gives a student plenty of tips to minimize their chance of failure.

This technology e-learning platform teaches children to code, improves their understanding of how hardware and software parts of a computer interact, and trains them on algorithmic thinking. It features pre-written code examples and in-depth explanations to ensure the best learning outcome.

Such an interactive approach to outside the classroom learning is an important constituent of a comprehensive and effective child’s education system. In this way, children are motivated, inspired, and engaged, which is absolutely necessary for them not to fall behind their peers or not to drop out.

The desktop application is used to load the company website but with some additional features. Unlike the website, a desktop platform gives an opportunity to install drivers to the kits. Also, one can purchase kits here although the company recommends doing it via a web version.

At first, a student gets a kit. Base Coding Kit is claimed to be the best option for beginners since it enables kids to learn the very basics.

The next step is to set up a computer, Windows, Mac, or Chromebook, to code online. Here, children or parents install the program to a computer, get familiar with the platform, and download drivers for a certain kit.

Then, a student watches an introductory video with in-depth explanations on different program pages and code modification process.

Actual coding projects are the next step in the learning process where a kid actually works with the program. They are given pre-written parts of the code, and they are taught to change some values or variables, to rewrite commands or to change their sequence.

Each project is aimed to challenge a student to move from coding toys to coding software. The tasks become more and more complicated so that children gradually develop their expertise in programming.

Finally, students are encouraged to explore more coding projects to broaden their knowledge. They can search for these in the desktop application itself or online, or they can come up with their own ideas and try turning these into reality.

Our Cooperation


The development itself was somewhat complicated since the functionality of the online learning platform was unusual and so were the tasks. Also, we did not start working on this e-learning platform for kids from scratch but continued developing code written by our predecessors. Still, we did our best for the result to be fully satisfactory, and we succeeded in pursuing this goal.

Our Team

The project was carried out by two professional software developers and one expert QA specialist. The Project Manager was provided on the client’s part.


We have developed this desktop platform for both Windows and Mac with the use of Electron.


To ensure constant interaction and communication with the client’s team, our cooperation was based on the principles of Scrum.

What Makes Let’s Start Coding Special?

Let’s Start Coding is so much more than just an app. It is augmented with various physical kits, which give children an opportunity to see and test the results of their coding.

The UI/UX design is super simple for the app to be intuitively clear for young learners.

There are three types of lessons: First time setup, Sequential lessons, and Projects.

Through First time setups, a kid is taught the very basics of working with a code editor featured in the online learning platform and a certain kit they have purchased.

Sequential lessons are aimed to teach a student to develop some light or sound features, to identify and fix bugs in a code, and to automate some processes. They navigate children step-by-step through a course devoted to a certain topic. In this way, children’s education is consistent and comprehensive.

Projects are developed for those who do not want to stick to the plan but strive to explore the world of coding at their own pace. A student is free to choose any challenges without any specific order. Here, one learns to work with lights or sound, for instance, to create an alarm sound or to control LED blinking, to toss a coin or to roll a dice.

In addition, the app features a messenger, through which one can reach the support and get instant help.

It is a perfect e-learning platform for kids since it is bright, interactive, intuitively clear, and useful. Young learners enjoy learning to code while playing with cars and rockets. They get a basic understanding of major coding concepts, an inspiration to continue learning to program in the future, and a productive way to spend their leisure.

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Education System Platform

What Is the Project We Have Worked on?

It is an educational project consisting of an extensive monitoring system of public schools from entire Italy. The system enables a user to keep track of the learning progress of a certain student, school, region, and Italy overall. This analysis provides valuable data on how educational processes may be optimized in the pursuit of reaching optimal learning results. This data is important for making sure that all schools across all regions are funded sufficiently and justly and no students are left underprivileged.

The platform is not accessible for external users. Instead, each person should be authorized by a super-admin – a responsible person from the Ministry of Education. The users are categorized in accordance with the strict educational system hierarchy.

The higher the level of a user is, the more access and opportunities they are granted. For instance, students are allowed to view only their courses and learning progress. Teachers and other users of higher hierarchical levels have a right to manage courses and examination sessions. Admins and super-admins can add, manage, and delete some users, courses, institutions, etc.

Our Cooperation


The primary question was related to data security: how to enable users to access certain information according to their place in the educational system? Solving this issue required long hours of brainstorming and planning, but through continuous cooperation, we managed to develop the ultimate hierarchy. Another concern was associated with a huge amount of data that the system had to process. In particular, the geographical database featured over 8000 towns and villages, where each of them had at least one school. Eventually, the system had to contain data of about 300 thousand students. Our back-end developer did a great job in the pursuit of making the system work fast even when there are a lot of simultaneous users.

Finally, we had to take into account the specific features and needs of schools for students with disabilities to ensure that our system is as inclusive as possible.

Our Team

Three senior JS developers, one dedicated Project Manager, and one Quality Assurance specialist have been helping our partners to develop the project.


The application has been developed for the web platform. As for the development technologies, we used Angular, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB.


Waterfall – all the requirements were clear from the very beginning, our developers had an excellent experience in development methodologies, and we were badly limited in terms of time.

What Makes This Case Special?

We partnered up with a learning transformation company that supports people in their professional development. The project is run by a team of experts in design, management, and maintenance of training courses and workshops, which are based on the exclusive learning methodology invented by our partners. This methodology is a unique way of acquiring new personal and professional skills, managing learning tools, optimizing learner behavior patterns, and developing competitive potential. Our partners strive to help their users in:

  • Developing leadership skills;
  • Shifting to innovation;
  • Managing talents;
  • Acquiring useful skills;
  • Boosting performance and productivity;
  • Making a valuable social impact.


KeenEthics worked seamlessly alongside the internal team and produced fast, efficient code. They accommodated expanded work-hours to meet tight deadlines and responded quickly to inquiries. Customers can expect a highly productive team that delivers high-quality products at competitive rates.

Technical Lead

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