What Is Immocloud?

Industry:Real Estate
Size:>10 employees
Location:Düsseldorf, Germany 🇩🇪

Immocloud is a property management platform, which connects renters and tenants. Real estate owners can manage their property easily and independently. The benefits of this platform include intuitive operation, personalized dashboards, digital document management, finance automation, online communication with tenants, and personalized support. Ultimately, going digital and getting rid of all the paperwork is a valuable opportunity that Immocloud offers.

Our Cooperation

Platform:Cross-platform mobile app (iOSAndroid)
Technologies:React,  React Native,  Redux
Team:1 PM, 1 QA, and 1 full-stack developer

Challenges & Solutions

The first challenge we faced was data security. Our client took it very seriously — they could not afford to risk or lose precious data of their users. To address their concern, we have implemented SSL encryption.

Our Team

Our agile team involved one Project Manager, one full-stack mobile developer, and one Quality Assessment specialist.


The web platform for Immocloud has already been developed by our predecessors. In turn, we have created a cross-platform mobile app for both Android and iOS using the means of React Native. For managing screens and routing, we used react-navigation (4.x) — it was selected instead of react-native-navigation due to big amount of custom headers and navigation views. To manage shared state, mostly for chat screens, we used Redux. For building data charts and for date utils, we used D3.js and moment.js respectively. To simplify network requests, axios was used. Finally, to implement everything that was missing in JS, we used lodash.


Our cooperation with Immocloud was quite flexible. We did not strictly implement any particular Project Management methodology but organized the work on the project using Agile practices.

What Makes Immocloud Special?

Immocloud is a unique property management platform due to the ten fundamental features it offers.

1. Multiple properties management

Those owners who have a few properties can monitor and compare the financial performance of their real estate objects using Immocloud. Financial datasets on every property are united in a single dashboard — managing multiple properties has never been so simple.

2. Contact management

Immocloud lets you keep all the important contacts at hand — phone number and emails of tenants, partners, service providers, and craftspeople.

3. Rent management

Immocloud implements a rent management function, which lets the users see all the received and pending rent payments.

4. Finance management

Rents are not the only financial transactions that take place in property management. Immocloud also lets you record other profits and expenses — to see the bigger picture of the total cash flow.

5. Advanced finance management

The advanced finance management function gives you an opportunity to go beyond the Immocloud system, email receipts to your inbox, and process transactions there.

6. Document management

Immocloud provides a space for storing and sharing images, agreements, receipts, and other documents that you might need. Now, you do not need to have a paper copy of your agreement with a renter — you both can sign a digital version of it.

7. Communication management

Another function that Immocloud offers is sending SMS or email messages to your contacts directly vie the platform.

8. Operating cost management

Immocloud offers you a digital assistance, who will compile operating costs statements for you. This process will take only a few minutes.

9. Communication portal

You can invite your tenants to the Immocloud portal, communicate with the there, share documents, gather feedback — all you need to provide a better service.

10. Mailing management

Immocloud handles the necessity to send emails to your contacts. Instead of going to the post office, arrange letters via the platform, and Immocloud will send them.

P.s. Information security

Also, Immocloud pays particular attention to the question of security. “Your real estate is your personal security. We will do the rest.”, they say. This platform is compliant with GDPR, stores data in a highly secured, ISO 27001 certified data center in Germany, uses SSL encryption, and backups all the data regularly.

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B2C Online Store

What Is the Online Store?

Name:B2C Online Store
Size:11-50 employees
Location:United States

The project we have worked on is an equipment e-store for the American market. The functionality was nothing unusual. Instead, the partner wanted us to develop online store focused on performance. The question was how to develop an online store as responsive and swift as possible. Unfortunately, we are not able to disclose the name of this web platform so that you could test its performance yourself.

We did not start working on this project from scratch but took it up halfway. The partner asked us to complete it as soon as possible because his business suffered huge losses while the web platform was inactive. We embarked on the development in only two days after all the legal papers were signed and project requirements were collected.

Our Cooperation

Technologies:Meteor, Node.js, Reaction Commerce, MongoDB, Spree Commerce
Team:2 software developers

Challenges & Solutions

We stumbled upon the first difficulty when we had to migrate a large database of tags and products from the old version of the store, which was written on Spree. Also, we have enhanced the performance and security of the payment system with the help of a visa solution Authorize.Net. As for the delivery system, we have implemented different types of delivery and address verification. We also configured FedEx and UPS.

Besides, we had to implement search filters, which included the number of products in a certain category. These had to be based on the current product list and be reactive. Initially, this function was implemented on the client-side. Yet, this solution was cumbersome and slow if the number of products was large. To solve this issue, we had implemented an element of PWA – web workers. It gave a huge boost to the web platform speed. Do you face similar challenges? Let us know! We can develop your store online.

Our Team

The project was relatively small and had to be developed in the shortest terms, so two full-stack software developers have been working on it.


This web platform has been developed with the help of Meteor, Node.js, MongoDB, Reaction Commerce and Spree Commerce.


The project was to be developed as quickly as possible, the requirements were constant and clear. Thus, there was neither time nor need to interact continuously. We chose to employ Waterfall to manage the project development. It was organized in linear sequential steps, which let us complete it in the shortest terms possible without losing in quality.

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What Is Tetrami?

While sales and discounts are major marketing strategies to increase sales and win customer loyalty, they are also a great chance for ordinary people to save a lot of money. People love discounts since they bring more satisfaction from shopping. Tetrami enables people to do what they love, so it is no surprise that the users love Tetrami back.

Tetrami is a brand new “deal” shopping project with a unique discounting method, headquartered in King Of Prussia, PA, but serving the customers from all over the world. While Tetrami offers delivery only to the USA addresses, it does accept orders from international users on a condition they organize the shipping out of the United States on their own.

Our Cooperation


We have built the app from scratch, tested it, and deployed it. In fact, a great amount of work has been done as we optimized major app functions, and secured the online payment system. Moreover, Tetrami has decided to change horses midstream and go with an entirely different design and functionality. Eventually, we have managed to revamp and launch the app into production.

Our Team

Our three leading software developers, one QA specialist, and one project manager have been helping Tetrami implement the idea.


The application has been developed for the web, iOS and Android platforms. As for the technologies, we used Meteor, Blaze, Ionic, and Angular.


We have used Kanban because the app has been developed from scratch, our team has been quite small. In addition, the customer has been eager to take an active part in the development process.

What Makes Tetrami Special?

A customer chooses a product from the list of suggested ones. These products include but are not limited to various electronic devices, such as voice assistant speakers, electric dental brushes, cameras, TVs, wireless earphones, or home appliances, as well as jewelry, makeup, gift cards, and a lot of other popular items. The list of offered goods and services is regularly updated, so monitoring it carefully, people can find the product of their dream and try to purchase it with a considerable discount.

To do so, a person creates a special 4-characters-long promo code, challenges other users, and watches the discount dynamically grow. The promo code is made of 4 given variables, and each time a different user offers another one that does not match, the challenger receives a certain discount.

As soon as the user is satisfied, he or she can make a purchase at a bargain price. However, once someone else creates the same promo code, the challenger’s one becomes unavailable.

Each user is given 50 chances per day to participate in challenges. Once they are out of lives, they can earn additional ones by watching adds, responding to surveys, or sharing invitations via social media. All the payments are processed via PayPal – a popular online payments system.

To sign up for Tetrami, one may use their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts. Respectively, the platform has its accounts on all of these three networks, so feel free to check their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to learn more!

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The Check Network

What Is The Check Network?

The Check Network is a unique business development and promotion platform, which presents universal solutions for companies from different industries. This ecommerce platform for SEO purposes is built as an international network, which combines localized price comparison websites in a variety of themes and subjects, ranging from coffee products to equestrian goods.

Each website offers a concise overview of all businesses marketing in a certain field and provides a side-by-side comparison of their prices. In this way, businesses are able to show their advantage over competitors and to target exactly the audience that they may appeal to. In turn, customers are offered a priceless opportunity to find a vendor or a service provider that suits them the most. Such an approach enables growing agencies, brands, and e-stores to get the most advantage from their platforms by promoting their products or services to the specific target groups and generating extra sales. This ecommerce platform for SEO is not about economizing or underperforming. Instead, it is all about doing the right thing in the right place and at the right time.

Our Cooperation


The first priority of this client was scalability: as the network grows more extended, new business domains are added. Respectively, the client wanted to be able to introduce such structural changes by himself without asking for help from developers. More than that, scalability directly translates in a constantly increasing data load, which is bound to bring about another challenge – data security and reliability. Finally, choosing the best ecommerce platform to advertise or to consult with, users pay attention to the topicality of data presented there. Therefore, impeccable synchronization is another challenge for the platform to be updated 24/7.

Our Team

This project was designed and managed by the client himself. On our part, we provided him with three proficient software developers and an expert QA specialist to bring his idea of the ecommerce platform for SEO and business vision to life.


As the client is well-experienced in the field, he has done all the business analysis, UI/UX design, and marketing by himself. Our job was to develop a perfect web application. For the development of this ecommerce platform for SEO, we have used Meteor and React.


Our client as the Project Manager insisted that we work according to the principles of Scrum, and we fully agreed to it. The requirements were altering, new features were added, the prioritization of tasks underwent changes on a regular basis. Scrum is the best PM methodology for flexible cooperation in such circumstances.

What Makes The Check Network Special?

Being the first and the only

The Check Network is the one and only web network that enables companies choosing the best ecommerce platform both to promote their business or brand online and to generate extra turnover. Unlike other similar platforms, The Check Network does not want to play the role of an intermediary between a business and a user. Instead, brands and companies create their own business profile on the platform, where they provide their direct contact details. The platform also allows you to boost your conversion rates with discount codes and special offers.

Universality and visibility

The Check Network is an ecommerce platform for SEO that integrates meaningful and relevant pieces of content into a universal shopping environment. For a start-up or a small local company, it is neither efficient nor effective to create and optimize their website. Instead, they can make use of The Check Network’s visibility and be listed in the top Google search results. Similarly, you profit from the growing popularity of the platform on Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, the network offers distinctions by business fields, so it makes sure that a business is connected with the right user and a user is connected with the right business.

Cooperation and transparency

The idea of The Check Network is to become not a service provider but a partner for your business and the best ecommerce platform. They are inspired by the opportunity to cooperate with your business and to improve sales results together with you. Respectively, The Check Network does not prioritize profit. Instead, they suggest that you pay separately for each received order, which means that your expenses would depend on results.

Fair pricing

The Check Network offers three subscription plans: a free one, a standard one for 10 euros per month, and an advanced one for 25 euros per month. Depending on its budget possibilities and business needs, the company is able to choose any plan without any unexpected charges.

The Check Network is a unique mix of simplicity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, which defines the success of business promotion. It is the best ecommerce platform for those who are looking for a business partner rather than a service provider


Due to their responsiveness & patience, the collaboration itself progressed smoothly from start to finish, resulting in a high-quality product & ensuring their continued engagement.

Array Maarten Pieter Overvliet, the Netherlands

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What is the purpose of the app?

Workbooking introduces new service with benefits for all audiences.

Workbooking is the place that unites people who are looking for individuals in a specific field for a specific task at a particular time and place; and professionals who are looking for a part-time job.

Our task

Our task was to develop and release easy and fast platform with the search and calendar available for any devices.

User personas

In current case, we had 2 user personas, which represent 2 major user groups, there are Customers and Professionals. Focused on the needs and expectations of these user personas, we figured out a clear picture of user’s expectations and how they are likely to use the site.


We used wireframing to provide a visual understanding of a platform early in a project. A website service was separated at the structural level. Content and functionality were laid out on the platform with taking into account user needs and user journeys.

We use this practice early in the development process to establish the basic structure of the website before visual design and content is added.




iSimplify finding occasional demand of some services for businesses, NGOs and private sector. As well as provide guarantees of quality and reliability of these services.


Provide oportunities for existing market of people who are looking for a part-time job on regular and flexible basis as well as increasing a number of clients.


  • Developed a platform for professionals who are looking for part-time job.
  • Developed feature for managing schedule of professionals.
  • Developed easy search of appropriate candidates among different fields for a range of goals diversity at one place.

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Business Research Platform

What Is Business Research Platform?

Name: Business Research Platform
Business Development: Business development
Size: > 250 employees
Location: London, Great Britain🇬🇧

This business research platform lets users take well-thought-out investment decisions. There is a lot of useful information online, but the challenge is to find exactly the information you need. Our partners strive to play the role of a mediator – to help a person in need of a business consultation get in contact with the most suitable business consultant. This may concern any sphere, ranging from HR management to marketing or accounting.

The business consulting industry enterprise of our partner is multifaceted and huge. We are delighted to help them with developing their major tool. The web platform we are working on is an internal tool for their employees. It lets them process business consultation requests and contact clients with the most suitable consultants.

Our Cooperation

Platform: Web
Technologies: Node.js, LoopBack, React
Methodology: Kanban
Team: 3 developers, 1 QA, and 1 PM

Challenges & Solutions

We have been cooperating with the enterprise, and the project has been in production all the time. These two conditions placed a few significant challenges in front of us.

The company has an extensive system of privacy and corporate culture policies. While all companies have some regulations, the large-scale business has a lot of them. Making sure that we follow all of them without compromising our own ethical and security policies is quite challenging. A professional Project Manager, who organizes communication with the partner according to the principles of Kanban, significantly facilitates our lives.

As for security, it is our top priority and major headache. The system contains quite a lot of sensitive and confidential information about businesses and people associated with them. It is our job to ensure the safety of their data. We have to make sure that in no case a wrong person may receive somebody else’s consultation results.

Since the project is in production, our Quality Assurance specialist shoulders a great deal of responsibility. We have to make sure that the web platform does not stop working once we release updates and the system is not susceptible to technical glitches.

Our Team

The team, which is currently working on this project, consists of three devoted full-stack software developers and one Quality Assurance specialist. They are managed by an expert PM.


The management consulting industry project has been developed with LoopBackMySQLReactAWS (SES, S3, Secrets Manager, Lambda, CloudWatch, ElasticSearch, Kibana), ServerlessTerraformJenkins.


To ensure continuous communication with the client and timely implementation of all project requirements, we are cooperating according to the principles of Kanban.

What Makes This Project Special?

First of all, this project is an internal tool for company employees, who change the future of consulting industry. IT lets a user process a consultation request, schedule a consultation, record it, transcribe, and send it to both a consultant and a consultee. Then, the former sends the business analysis results to the latter also via the platform.

Such a software solution helps a business to automate the process of organizing conference calls and to enhance the quality of calls? by recording them.

It is an important and unique tool for business growth consultants, which helps:

  • businesses to optimize their research process and take the best investment decision,
  • business managers to find an external consultant instead of hiring an in-house one,
  • business strategy consulting firms to find their clients

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What Is StoryTerrace?

Name: StoryTerrace
Industry: Business, Publishing
Size: 51-250 employees
Location: London, Great Britain 🇬🇧

StoryTerrace is a ghostwriting and publishing solution, which brings together writers, editors, and people who need help writing their book. Here, they can discuss the contents of the future book, its style, structure, illustrations, and cover. Launched in Great Britain, this one-of-a-kind digital publishing platform now operates on the USA market as well. It brings the publishing industry to a new level — writing a book becomes easier than it has ever been.

The most valuable thing about KeenEthics is their attitude, both to partners and to employees. Our cooperation has never been stained by conflicts or mistrust. By contrast, it was very transparent, friendly, and thus, effective.

Array Coen Borgman Director of Production at StoryTerrace

Our Cooperation

Platform: Web
Technologies: React & Redux, Node.js, Express.js
Methodology: Scrum
Team: 1 PM, 3 full-stack developers, and 1 QA

Challenges & Solutions

The greatest challenge was the organization of work on this digital publishing solution. We partnered up with StoryTerrace in 2017, and in over 2 years of our cooperation, our team changed significantly both at KeenEthics’ and StoryTerrace’s side. Such rotation of team members comes at a cost: the lack of engagement and background experience left an unfortunate footprint on project development.

From our side, little could we do to improve the organizational aspect of the project — instead, we fully invested ourselves in the technical success of the project. The quality of the publishing platform turned out to be impeccable with not a single negative comment from our partners. We are happy that we could stand our ground.

Our Team

From our side, one devoted Project Manager, three expert JavaScript developers, and one Quality Assurance specialist worked on developing frontend and backend of this digital publishing platform


This web publishing solution was developed using React and Redux for front-end and Node.js and Express.js for the back-end.


The work on the project was organized using the principles and artifacts of Scrum. By organizing the project in iterations, we succeeded in meeting changeable requirements and making the large team collaborate effectively.

What Makes storyterrace Special?

The idea of StoryTerrace is unique by its nature, not offered by other publishing solutions. Never before has anyone tried to fully bring the writing and publishing process online.

The target audience of StoryTerrace are the people who want to write a book — mainly a biography — and need help with it. Once they have an idea, they open StoryTerrace, read through sample chapters, client testimonials, and writer profiles. Now, they have to choose a writer themselves or to ask the StoryTerrace team to find a perfect writer for them. There are writers in three skill and pricing categories: Junior writers, Senior writers, and Premium writers.

After that, using questionnaires and interviews, the client shares his ideas and wishes with the writer. After multiple interview sessions, the writer wraps the client’s ideas into well-crafted words. The client regularly reviews and comments on the book content as it is being written. While the text of the book is still in progress, the client can customize the book design and upload photos for illustrations and the cover. After all, the designers lay out the book interiors and cover, and the final PDF version is sent for the client’s approval.

When the work on the book is over and the client is happy with the result, the books are printed and delivered to the customer. This entire process usually takes from eight to twelve weeks, depending on the length of the book.

This project definitely brings the publishing industry to a new level — other publishing solutions do not offer such freedom and efficiency as StoryTerrace does. It empowers many writers and authors to achieve new literature heights.

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