A ghostwriting and publishing solution, which brings the book industry to a new level

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What Is StoryTerrace?

Name: StoryTerrace
Industry: Business, Publishing
Size: 51-250 employees
Location: London, Great Britain 🇬🇧

StoryTerrace is a ghostwriting and publishing solution, which brings together writers, editors, and people who need help writing their book. Here, they can discuss the contents of the future book, its style, structure, illustrations, and cover. Launched in Great Britain, this one-of-a-kind digital publishing platform now operates on the USA market as well. It brings the publishing industry to a new level — writing a book becomes easier than it has ever been.

The most valuable thing about KeenEthics is their attitude, both to partners and to employees. Our cooperation has never been stained by conflicts or mistrust. By contrast, it was very transparent, friendly, and thus, effective.

Coen Borgman Coen Borgman Director of Production at StoryTerrace

Our Cooperation

Platform: Web
Technologies: React & Redux, Node.js, Express.js
Methodology: Scrum
Team: 1 PM, 3 full-stack developers, and 1 QA

Challenges & Solutions

The greatest challenge was the organization of work on this digital publishing solution. We partnered up with StoryTerrace in 2017, and in over 2 years of our cooperation, our team changed significantly both at KeenEthics’ and StoryTerrace’s side. Such rotation of team members comes at a cost: the lack of engagement and background experience left an unfortunate footprint on project development.

From our side, little could we do to improve the organizational aspect of the project — instead, we fully invested ourselves in the technical success of the project. The quality of the publishing platform turned out to be impeccable with not a single negative comment from our partners. We are happy that we could stand our ground.

Our Team

From our side, one devoted Project Manager, three expert JavaScript developers, and one Quality Assurance specialist worked on developing frontend and backend of this digital publishing platform


This web publishing solution was developed using React and Redux for front-end and Node.js and Express.js for the back-end.


The work on the project was organized using the principles and artifacts of Scrum. By organizing the project in iterations, we succeeded in meeting changeable requirements and making the large team collaborate effectively.

What Makes storyterrace Special?

The idea of StoryTerrace is unique by its nature, not offered by other publishing solutions. Never before has anyone tried to fully bring the writing and publishing process online.

The target audience of StoryTerrace are the people who want to write a book — mainly a biography — and need help with it. Once they have an idea, they open StoryTerrace, read through sample chapters, client testimonials, and writer profiles. Now, they have to choose a writer themselves or to ask the StoryTerrace team to find a perfect writer for them. There are writers in three skill and pricing categories: Junior writers, Senior writers, and Premium writers.

After that, using questionnaires and interviews, the client shares his ideas and wishes with the writer. After multiple interview sessions, the writer wraps the client’s ideas into well-crafted words. The client regularly reviews and comments on the book content as it is being written. While the text of the book is still in progress, the client can customize the book design and upload photos for illustrations and the cover. After all, the designers lay out the book interiors and cover, and the final PDF version is sent for the client’s approval.

When the work on the book is over and the client is happy with the result, the books are printed and delivered to the customer. This entire process usually takes from eight to twelve weeks, depending on the length of the book.

This project definitely brings the publishing industry to a new level — other publishing solutions do not offer such freedom and efficiency as StoryTerrace does. It empowers many writers and authors to achieve new literature heights.

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