Duration: 4 months

Organizing social-campaigns via Gmail contacts

Just a few clicks to boost the sales on Facebook and all over the Internet.

Simply put, Pollen is a service for organizing social-campaigns via Gmail contacts. This is a simple and cost-effective automation platform for marketing that assists the businesses in reaching more customers with the help of the highly targeted ad campaigns.

How Pollen Works?

Supposing, Jack has developed some eco-friendly substitute to plastic and he wants to get a support from other people who are also concerned about the environment. Just in a few clicks, he creates a campaign and adds the emails of his friends who might be interested in that topic. In the text of the message, he asks the people to spread this message to their friends. In turn, each of his friends who receive the message is encouraged to do the same thing. As the result, the message spreads wider and wider. More and more genuinely interested people learn about the product, Jack increases the awareness about his idea and receives the support at the same time. This approach is extremely effective because it involves potentially interested audience only, and this is exactly what Pollen does automatically.

Pollens uses fewer bullets, but it most certainly hits the target.

The Idea and Technology behind Pollen

An idea that stands behind this application is very simple: it was developed as the means to assist people in the organization of social-campaigns using the email-contacts of campaign-supporters.

Pollen develops an email list of a store, comes up with website engagement and social page engagement, and based on the analysis of their current traffic and buyers, it automatically builds similar audiences. This self-serve marketing automation platform assists the online retailers in acquiring new customers on both Facebook and other websites.

Pollen allows the user to launch the complex acquisition and conversion driven campaigns. The setup takes around two minutes, whereas the new customers keep coming long after that. The application automatically adjusts the campaigns as they run. Regardless of the budget for the campaign, each is treated with equal dedication and optimized to outperform the competition.

The machine learning technology enables Pollen to conduct the analysis of online buying patterns. Thus, the app will show the ads only to those prospects who are most likely to become the customers. This is the simple yet powerful solution that helps the business owners get the most from their business.

Pollen: Ensuring the Efficiency

The application automatically conducts A/B testing of Ad Creative to allocate the budget in a smart way - by promoting the top performing ads first.

Pollen also optimizes the client budget to cover not only prospecting but also retargeting. This particular function enables the acquisition of new prospects and fosters their converting into customers.

All in all, this is the app that automates a lot of processes and gives the business owners peace of mind. It is basically an advertising autopilot that triples the effectiveness of business processes by turning the advertising into a completely hands-free experience.