A property management platform, which lets you go digital and get rid of all the paperwork

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What Is Immocloud?

Industry:Real Estate
Size:>10 employees
Location:Düsseldorf, Germany 🇩🇪

Immocloud is a property management platform, which connects renters and tenants. Real estate owners can manage their property easily and independently. The benefits of this platform include intuitive operation, personalized dashboards, digital document management, finance automation, online communication with tenants, and personalized support. Ultimately, going digital and getting rid of all the paperwork is a valuable opportunity that Immocloud offers.

Our Cooperation

Platform:Cross-platform mobile app (iOSAndroid)
Technologies:React,  React Native,  Redux
Team:1 PM, 1 QA, and 1 full-stack developer

Challenges & Solutions

The first challenge we faced was data security. Our client took it very seriously — they could not afford to risk or lose precious data of their users. To address their concern, we have implemented SSL encryption.

Our Team

Our agile team involved one Project Manager, one full-stack mobile developer, and one Quality Assessment specialist.


The web platform for Immocloud has already been developed by our predecessors. In turn, we have created a cross-platform mobile app for both Android and iOS using the means of React Native. For managing screens and routing, we used react-navigation (4.x) — it was selected instead of react-native-navigation due to big amount of custom headers and navigation views. To manage shared state, mostly for chat screens, we used Redux. For building data charts and for date utils, we used D3.js and moment.js respectively. To simplify network requests, axios was used. Finally, to implement everything that was missing in JS, we used lodash.


Our cooperation with Immocloud was quite flexible. We did not strictly implement any particular Project Management methodology but organized the work on the project using Agile practices.

What Makes Immocloud Special?

Immocloud is a unique property management platform due to the ten fundamental features it offers.

1. Multiple properties management

Those owners who have a few properties can monitor and compare the financial performance of their real estate objects using Immocloud. Financial datasets on every property are united in a single dashboard — managing multiple properties has never been so simple.

2. Contact management

Immocloud lets you keep all the important contacts at hand — phone number and emails of tenants, partners, service providers, and craftspeople.

3. Rent management

Immocloud implements a rent management function, which lets the users see all the received and pending rent payments.

4. Finance management

Rents are not the only financial transactions that take place in property management. Immocloud also lets you record other profits and expenses — to see the bigger picture of the total cash flow.

5. Advanced finance management

The advanced finance management function gives you an opportunity to go beyond the Immocloud system, email receipts to your inbox, and process transactions there.

6. Document management

Immocloud provides a space for storing and sharing images, agreements, receipts, and other documents that you might need. Now, you do not need to have a paper copy of your agreement with a renter — you both can sign a digital version of it.

7. Communication management

Another function that Immocloud offers is sending SMS or email messages to your contacts directly vie the platform.

8. Operating cost management

Immocloud offers you a digital assistance, who will compile operating costs statements for you. This process will take only a few minutes.

9. Communication portal

You can invite your tenants to the Immocloud portal, communicate with the there, share documents, gather feedback — all you need to provide a better service.

10. Mailing management

Immocloud handles the necessity to send emails to your contacts. Instead of going to the post office, arrange letters via the platform, and Immocloud will send them.

P.s. Information security

Also, Immocloud pays particular attention to the question of security. “Your real estate is your personal security. We will do the rest.”, they say. This platform is compliant with GDPR, stores data in a highly secured, ISO 27001 certified data center in Germany, uses SSL encryption, and backups all the data regularly.

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