Duration: 5 months, 1 developer

Find the Place to Hang out with Bar Frogs

Bar Frogs are the mobile and web apps that help the users find the bar or event they have been looking for and enable an easy search for better compliments in a bar.

Just let the app know that you want to sing tonight, and pick the best karaoke bar from the list - simple as that.

The Idea behind Bar Frogs

Bar Frogs was meant to become the go-to app for the users which they would consult every time they wanted to find the most suitable place to hang out. This app gathers the experience and develops the recommendations based on the personal preferences of the user.

There are a couple of reasons why using Bar Frogs app is better than checking out the events on Facebook or using Google Maps. Both platforms are convenient and user-friendly, but in order to find something either in Google or on Facebook, the user needs to put it in the search query. Bar Frogs app functions a bit differently and the main benefit that it provides is the customization. The user chooses what he or she wants to do, and the app offers the suggestions that match the preferences.

The thing that Goodge and Facebook don’t have is the automatic integration of Bar Page with its events, which shows the users the most relevant details about the location.

The Challenge

The app offers a great functionality, but it needed a compelling interface so that the users would find it convenient and thus came back to the Bar Frogs time and again. Therefore, the team worked hard to develop a clean, convenient, and gorgeous-looking interface that would captivate the user at first sight

The interface of the app is not overwhelmed with unnecessary details, so the user gets to encounter the essential information only. The instructive approach to the Bar Frogs content is one more great thing about the app. The user sees the relevant infographics and pictures. The compelling visualization ensures that the user spends less time concentrating on the interface, which makes the search more engaging and saves a lot of user’s time by making it possible to find the best-suited place with the minimum amount of clicks.

Bar Frogs website incorporates not only the search platform but also a large media platform sharing the info about food, events, and places in Boston. Thanks to this feature, the users may stay on Bar Frogs longer than just for the time of the search.

Bar Frogs App

The development of the mobile application after creating a website was the next step towards engaging more users since. This is an inevitable change that every service of this kind must opt for if they wish to stay in the market for a long time.

Bar Frogs is the application that has an obvious value for the bar clients. However, it is also very useful for the bar managers as they can set the accounts for their company, watch the statistics, and therefore make their business more effective.

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