Maintenance and Support

The software products grow outdated, technical errors occur, and project ideas undergo changes. We understand how important it is for you to keep your product updated, relevant, and perfectly functioning. So, we would be happy to provide you with continuous software maintenance and support services.

Here at KeenEthics, we put a great deal of effort into forecasting business and technical risks before and during the development phase. Yet, even the most comprehensive risk management strategy cannot guarantee the absolute stability and fault tolerance of your software product. The industry is constantly changing, and so do the risks. Support and maintenance services – this is how you address these risks in the most timely manner.

Development and Testing

Software deployment is very close to the end of the software development life cycle. After your software product has been studied, planned, designed, developed, and tested, you need to make it available for the market. This is where software deployment services come into play. Software deployment consists of installing, configuring, testing, and optimizing the performance of your software product.

Requesting software development services can be compared to buying a table. Software deployment is the process of delivering this table to your house and assembling it together. In the case of the table, you might be able to deal with it yourself. Yet, a software product, should it be a web platform or a mobile app, is a much more complicated system to handle. Professional software deployment services help you make sure that your product is installed properly and securely.

Software Deployment

KeenEthics is a full-cycle company. After we thoroughly research your project idea, finalize the designs, and process project requirements, the fundamental phase of the cycle begins. Software engineers start working on writing the project code, and they work hand-in-hand with QA specialists, who are testing this code.

The software development process involves back-end (server-side) development and front-end (client-side) development. Software Quality Assurance testing services are conducted manually or automatically. Outsourced software testing services can be of different types depending on its purpose. The result of the development and testing process is a software product, which we present to the partner.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX design is the process of developing a software product interface and making the user experience as perfect as it can be. Whether you plan to develop an app from scratch or to revive an existing one, you have to keep in mind its visual appearance.

The goal of user experience design is to understand the needs and wishes of a prospective user and to implement those in the app interface. In turn, the idea of UI design is to make your app look excellent without compromising user experience.

Although the common term for the design process is “UI/UX design”, you should understand that the user experience goes first. However beautiful and unusual your app was, it is not going to work if your users get lost in it.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis is a business process of laying the foundation of your project. At this point, you should understand how to improve your project idea or whether to terminate it whatsoever.

For your project to be successful and profitable, it needs to offer an outstanding solution to a pressing problem. You have to find out who is your target audience and understand their needs and interests. Also, you should analyze the existing competition and try out different marketing channels. The most important of business analysis activities, you must convey a unique value-based message.

Business Analysis may also include building prototypes, the development of PoC, and a minimum viable product. All of these will help you develop a perfect final product in a time-efficient and cost-efficient manner.