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Max SavoninMax SavoninChief Executive Officer at KeenEthics

SDCR Report Lists KeenEthics in Top Software Development Companies Ranking

SoftwareDevelopmentCompany.co ranked KeenEthics as one of the Top App Development Companies – CISION


KeenEthics is proud to appear in the Top Software Development Companies ranking, compiled by SoftwareDevelopmentCompany.co and announced on CISION*.

About the SDCR

SDCR is a platform for the evaluation and acknowledgement of the best software development companies in all industries and locations. The mission of SDCR is to connect brands with software development agencies that would best suit their business needs. The ranking process is conducted by the industry experts, who consider such criteria as location, expertise, cost, experience, leadership, and recognition. For each software development agency, the SDCR team analyzes case studies, technical stack, average hourly rates, industry experience, company leadership, and client reviews in order to rank the best software development companies.

The contribution of SDCR helps businesses from all over the world save a great deal of time and effort and get the optimal result.

OlegOleg RomanyukHead of Inbound Marketing

About KeenEthics

KeenEthics is a full-cycle software development partner with a keen and ethical approach to solving business challenges. Since 2015, the company has been providing its customers with high-quality services:

  1. web / mobile app / desktop development

  2. AI / machine learning / chatbots / programmable voice

  3. UI/UX design

  4. business analytics / CTO as a service

  5. support & tech consultancy

KeenEthics is also praised as the Top Rated Upwork Agency, a Top App Development Company of 2018 by Business of Apps, and a 5-Stars Rated Company at Clutch.


Do you want to partner with KeenEthics?

We are always ready to work with innovative businesses and charities. Our team is a part of the Tech for Good movement promoting social good through technologies. So, if you share our values and want to join efforts, feel free to talk to us.