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Max SavoninMax SavoninChief Executive Officer at KeenEthics

KeenEthics Announces Partnership with Silvertown Technologies

Top-rated Upwork agency KeenEthics complements Silvertown’s scale-up ambitions in ethical software development

SilverTown Technologies

Today KeenEthics and Silvertown Technologies announced they entered into a Partnership Agreement. This collaborative relationship underscores Silvertown’s ambitions to be able to serve a large and international client base. Having built scalable Compliance solutions for a multi-user market, Silvertown has found KeenEthics to share its appetite for innovation and accessible, user-friendly Cloud technology.

“We are delighted to have KeenEthics as our Partner. Their talented software engineering and management team share our ambition to accelerate deployment and adoption of smart solutions such as CIRE365. We look forward to serving more customers with Keen & Ethical Software and continuous quality.”

SilvertownWalter HendriksChief Executive Officer at Silvertown Technologies

Silvertown Technologies is a highly professional company with sound experience and strong expertise in Compliance Management. KeenEthics greatly values the proficiency, honesty, and transparency that our partner demonstrates. We are inspired to serve the best interests of our customers with innovative solutions.

Max SavoninMax SavoninChief Executive Officer at KeenEthics

Together Silvertown Technologies and KeenEthics look forward to sharing a vision for the future of ethical software development featuring Compliance, Privacy, Security, and Performance. This cooperation will allow us to service and enable our Customers in an even better way.

About Silvertown Technologies

Silvertown Technologies is a privately owned Dutch RegTech start-up focussed on Compliance, Privacy and Regulatory solutions. Our technology aims to create awareness in organizations while reducing impact from Regulations on the business process. We believe in a diversified workplace that allows every individual to participate in accordance with their capabilities.

About KeenEthics

KeenEthics is a full cycle software development partner with a keen and ethical approach to solving business challenges.

Since 2015, the company has been providing its customers with high-quality services:

  • web / mobile app / desktop development

  • AI / machine learning / chatbots / programmable voice

  • UI/UX design

  • business analytics / CTO as a service

  • support & tech consultancy