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Alex PletnovAlex PletnovChief Technical Officer

What Is Great About Developing Open Source and What Is Not?


Many developers are fond of open-source, and that is for a reason: they use it every day to speed up their work. There are many successful examples of open software ranging from Linux to React. It is often well-crafted, and it is a pleasure to work with that kind of high-quality code. It is an honor to be a contributor of some widely-used open-source project.

At KeenEthics, we support a widely-used Botpress open-source chatbots framework.

Yet, the open-source model surely has its pros and cons.

Perks of Open-Source

When running an open-source project, you get quite a few benefits, such as a great GitHub-profile and participation in events like Hacktober-fest (which we run in Lviv, by the way). You might also get discounts, free admissions to events, and a well-developed infrastructure to run your projects. Not only it saves your money, but also it inspires you to use all the greatest tools in your development.

Also, the open-source code is alleged to be of a higher quality. Yet, the fact that you open-sourced something does not automatically increase its value. The quality of your code depends on how you write it. What may help here is the fact that you get reviews, contributions, and refactoring from the community.

Open-Source Pitfalls

However, there is no guarantee that the community contributions will not turn out to be of the lower quality.

You can expect requests to improve your product or to help with something (given the product is popular), but you might have to deal with different kinds of people. Some of them may expect you to react to their requests 24/7. Others might open PRs improving your product, but you will have to explain the rules on how things should be prepared and how they get merged into mainline. Eventually, there is a high chance that you end up refactoring someone's code and leaving people disappointed by not merging their changes.

Participate in Open-Source!

Open-sourcing makes you grow faster as a developer and brings a useful result to the entire community. At the same time, try not to harm the community that gives you all these great open-source things. Contribute wisely and help others by answering questions you can help with.

Do you want to learn more about open source?

Our expert will consult you on how to become an open source contributor. If you are interested about what we do for the open source community, let us tell you or check the link to our GitHub.