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1908Delegation Issues in Software DevelopmentAlex PletnovChief Technical Officer

Delegation Issues in Software Development

Delegation is a common problem, and not only for professional managers but for anyone dealing with larger projects. It seems so obvious that you should delegate something you are not competent in or have no time or resources to complete by yourself. Still, many managers end up delegating only small trivial tasks, and some of them even study programming languages in order to build an app they need.

Why Delegating Is Difficult?

You never know whether you were understood correctly because you cannot open someone’s head to check it.

What you can do is to ask the person about what they will do to achieve the goal. This answer might reveal the wrong path.

But what if you don’t know the correct path yourself? What if you need an app and you don’t know how to build it? Then, you start with the final result in mind, and here, requirements management steps in.

At KeenEthics, we try to make sure that we are on the same page with our clients by visualizing the end result, documenting the requirements, and confirming. We even go further and validate whether the final result will turn out to be useful for the client in case they consider a wrong solution for their problem.

How to Monitor Your Task?

Even if you were understood correctly, you still need to keep track of your project.

In the IT industry, it is useful to have daily standup-meetings and demos to make sure that the product development process is fully aligned with your expectations. This way, you may identify a mistake once something starts going in the wrong direction and fix it at once. If you leave things on their own and do not keep an eye on them, the things may blow out.

Once Again: Delegate!

Because of the first two issues described here (namely, reaching understanding and monitoring), some managers end up doing things on their own. They believe that doing something oneself is faster than explaining things to someone and keeping them under control.

In some cases, it indeed may be true. But this model doesn’t scale. And you as a high-level manager may end up completing technical tasks, which take all your time and energy, instead of working on what matters more – the strategy of your business.

Learn more about delegation!

You can get to know more about delegation challenges and solutions from our expert Project Managers and Chief Executives. Contact me, and we will get you in touch.

Alex Pletnov Ilona Shvahla Head of Partner Engagement
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