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KeenEthics: Our Ethical Dimension

Keen & Ethical Software Development


The Story of Our Brand Name

Most software development agencies choose a company name that somehow relates to the line of business they are in. You might have wondered what does “KeenEthics” have in common with software. This is how our brand name was born…

Why did we decide to create our own company? Having worked with several agencies, we have noticed some inefficiencies in the way they run business. We were convinced that the attitude to a customer should be different from what it was in most companies. We believed that there were a great many of improvements we could bring to the industry to make software development more efficient. We desired to make remote software design more keen and ethical.

Choosing a title which would represent our vision was a tough nut to crack. We brainstormed and came up with a list of over 60 titles for any taste: sophisticated and simple, serious and hilarious, unusual and quite common within the industry. After that, each of us removed the ones they found to be somewhat excessive or controversial. The next step was to get a second opinion from a native speaker, who made sure that our options were free of biases.

Eventually, out of 60 options, we were left with the one and only “KeenEthics”, where “Keen” stands for curiosity and enthusiasm, while “Ethics”... Well, ethics is just ethics.


Ethical Values

Since we are so confident in our ethics that we included them in our brand name, what ethical values do we actually hold dear?

Ethical Attitude to Partners

We highly value people who choose to trust us with their projects, who rely upon us with their issues, and who believe in our solutions. We strive to make our communication with the partners fully transparent in the pursuit of strengthening our relationships and proving our trustworthiness and dependability. We are absolutely honest about the resources we use throughout the project, the challenges we face, and the opportunities we may offer. In turn, we expect our clients to be truthful and understanding.

Ethical Attitude to Team Members

We highly value our pool of talents and make sure that each person feels not as an employee but as a team member. The atmosphere in our office is always friendly and warm, our routine is varied in social events, hackathons, and knowledge sharing sessions. Birthday greetings and celebrations, parties, and outings are also an important constituent of our corporate culture. We deeply care about our office environment and make sure that every team member enjoys the time they spend among their colleagues.


We believe in the climate change and fully understand the responsibility for this man-made problem we ought to shoulder. We are also convinced that every little bit helps, and even though our small contribution may not prevent global warming, it is still a step worth taking. With this intent, we sort and recycle wastes, promote the idea of reusable bottles and containers among our team members, and encourage everyone to look for an alternative to a personal car as a means of transport.

Support of Vulnerable Social Groups

We understand that not everyone was fortunate enough to be born in a loving family, to obtain a proper education, and to find a well-paid job. Marginalized groups of people have no opportunity to satisfy their most immediate needs, and it is a civic responsibility and a moral duty of every decent citizen to help those people in their hardship. We support a number of social projects dedicated to helping orphans, senior citizens, sick kids, and impoverished people. We are also concerned with animals and help shelters to care for homeless dogs and cats. Since St. Nicholas Day is one of those holidays that Ukrainian kids are most waiting for, every winter, we help volunteers to collect presents for orphans and children from necessitous families.

Healthy Lifestyle

Our team consists of various people, each with a broad outlook and a unique attitude to life. Here at KeenEthics, we have vegans and vegetarians, people obsessed with sports and outdoor activities. Our employees have an opportunity to work at stand-up desks in order to reduce the amount of time they spend sitting. Besides, our corporate parties and celebrations are alcohol-free because we care about health and believe in having fun while being clear-headed.


We strive to share our knowledge and expertise with those who need a professional recommendation and assistance, should they be experienced developers, or newbies, or those who just plan to enter the industry. Therefore, our company is a major contributor to such open-source platforms as Botpress and Github, and we continue working hard to advance the global software development community.

Quality and Excellence

We are devoted to solving business challenges and providing excellent BA, design, development, and product support services. We conduct regular training and knowledge sharing programs, both external ones, such as various meetups or the annual Hacktoberfest, and internal tech talks. We carry out performance evaluations, practice pair programming and team brainstorming, visit external educational events, invite competent speakers from outside ― all for the sake of constantly improving our competence and ensuring the highest quality.


Our Team

We are a team of 42 people devoted to the goal of empowering businesses with end-to-end software development. We deliver elegant and modern design services and solutions to improve the daily business processes of our clients. Each member of our team is a unique personality with a story to share, a keen interest in personal and professional development, and a passionate approach to work.

Quality, efficient communication, ethical attitude to all the parties involved, sustainability, support of those in need, and open source are the fundamentals of KeenEthics.