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Best Amazon Alexa Skills: Mid-Winter 2019


Alexa is an unquestionable leader in terms of functionality among all voice assistants. Yet, it lives by the rule “Do not compare yourself to others, compare yourself to what you were yesterday”. Therefore, the skills and features of Amazon’s voice assistant are being constantly developed. In turn, we are not breaking the tradition of sharing our most favorite updates with you as we did last summer and fall. Same way, we compiled the lists of Best Amazon Alexa Skills: Mid-Summer 2018 and Best Amazon Alexa Skills: Mid-Autumn 2018. So please welcome the list of 10 best features, both useful and entertaining, which Alexa learned this winter.

5 most useful Alexa skills

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Commercial Trends

Do you feel like there is nobody around to share your interest in economics and commercial banking with? Don’t worry, Alexa is here to become your best interlocutor. She will read you insights and news on such topics as commercial real estate, treasury management, middle markets, and other important areas of commercial banking. Listen to the discussions between the industry leaders with a world name and keep in mind these thought-provoking starters for a meaningful conversation or simply enjoy the intelligent people talk.


Inspirational Speeches

Do you feel down in the mouth because of a mishap at work? New Year resolutions seem not to work anymore? Do you fail to make yourself take up an educational course / a difficult book / a yoga training? Alexa is here to inspire you. Listen to motivational quotes on various topics from your favorite celebrities and public figures on various topics. Also, if you are not sure what to listen to, ask Alexa to announce the list of speakers and topics you may choose from. There are additional features, such as user assistance, favorite quotes, and randomizer.


Mindful Couple

Positive thinking is a useful skill to develop to feel happy and satisfied with your life. Does practicing daily gratitudes or taking up a good habit seem to be a challenge for you? Alexa will become your personal mindfulness coach. You don’t know what to be grateful for? Ask Alexa to give you an idea and commit to having it fulfilled by the end of the day. Do you need a break from routine? Ask Alexa to give you something else to do and let your mind flow like water. Do you always forget about your resolutions? Ask Alexa to set a reminder, and in 21 days, you will develop a habit.


Idioms Builder

Do you sometimes feel like you can’t find that special word? Are you worried about not developing your vocabulary? Alexa will help you improve your language knowledge and make a nice first impression with your speech. Ask Alexa to launch Idioms Builder and listen to the word of the day with its detailed definition, synonyms, and examples. If you learn English as your second language, you may find this particular Alexa skill the most valuable.


Nutrition Library

Alexa is your friend – a friend who wants to help you have a healthy and happy life. Do you try to stick to a well-balanced diet, but calculating calories seems too much effort for you? Alexa will help you keep fit. It knows the nutritional value of over 90 000 products, so simply ask how much sugar or how many calories does a certain product contain. Also, Alexa will keep you updated on your daily nutritional needs.

5 most entertaining Alexa skills


Rhyme It

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Have fun with your friends and family and play the “Rhyme it” game. Alexa will give you a word, and you are to find a rhyme for it. A fair judge Alexa will decide whether it works as an answer or not.


History of Today

Do you wonder sometimes how many things are happening all over the world at a particular moment of your life? Are you curious which outstanding events happened on today’s date? Alexa will tell you the history of this day: prominent people born, agreements settled, inventions and discoveries made, major victories and disasters that happened on this particular day. It is as if Wikipedia learned to talk. Interesting, isn’t it?



If you don’t know how to start a conversation with a person you like or making compliments is certainly not your strength, let Alexa help you. Launch ComplimentBot and Alexa will give you the best words and compliments to give to your special one. Here, you may find something truly interesting and impressive to remember and to use in a suitable situation. Impress your special person with how romantic you are.


Pick who rides in the Front Seat

Do you often have family quarrels about who is going to ride in the front seat? This annoying fight between your kids seems to have no end? Alexa will decide the winner, and she will do it in the most amusing manner. Ask your children (or whoever is arguing) to choose an animal name for themselves, give all these names to your voice assistant, and let her make this hard decision. Remember that the children under 13 do not participate in this competition.


Daily Good Morning

Your house/apartment is always full of jolly conversations and laughter, but now, your beloved one went for a business trip or children went to a summer camp. Do you miss hearing “good morning”? Enable the “Daily Good Morning” feature, and Alexa will be glad to give you a daily greeting. This may also serve as a useful reminder to wish a happy day to your friends, family, or a beloved one.

All these skills are free to install from the Amazon website – be ready to tune up your voice assistant, to make your daily routine brighter, and to amaze your friends. Have no doubts: all the skills listed here were tested and approved by our team members.

Develop your custom Alexa skill!

If you feel that you are missing a particular skill or you believe that you have an idea that will revolutionize the world of voice services – feel free to contact us. Our developers are here to make your bravest dreams come true.