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Max SavoninChief Executive Officer at KeenEthics

Case Study: From Partners to Friends with WorldLabs

Case Study: From Partners to Friends with WorldLabs

The story of our business partnership and friendship with WorldLabs: from working extra hours under limited resources in order to launch the platform on time to organizing a major business event in London. On November 24th, 2018, Elevating Ideas 2018 brings 600+ investors and 50+ startups to London. Here at KeenEthics, we are proud to be technical partners and sponsors of this outstanding event.

Where We Started

What would you do if you found yourself in the middle of troubled relationships with your software vendor? You would probably have few options to consider: either to go on for as long as it takes you, or to find someone who can pick up your project and give it a second life. In the retrospective, we see that WoldLabs have made not the easiest but the optimal choice. Trying to get their web platform ready for a soon-to-be release, they chose to partner with a young but talented company, KeenEthics.

Was it love at first sight? No, it surely was not. WorldLabs had negative experience with previous contractor and were going through difficult times, so KeenEthics had to earn their trust. The production was scheduled for April-May, so we did not have much time for courtesies or hesitations ― we got straight to work. But WorldLabs team was short of time and full of ideas to implement, so the KeenEthics team was rapidly going in number.

Never heard of WorldLabs? WordLabs is a social media networking platform, which offers people to push forward their innovative ideas, meet like-minded peers, collaborate on projects, find sponsors, and crowdsource undertakings. It also enables employers to look for exceptional and yet undiscovered talents. They prioritize societal and technological progress, freedom of speech and action, socially conscious and sustainable business. 

What We Did?

When we started our collaboration, the first stone had been already laid ― we were given a partial code, which, however, needed a great deal of improvement. In less than two months, we added a few must-have features for the app to be ready for the release. Among all the advancements we made, there are three WorldLabs features, namely Showcase, Pitch, and Apply, which we are particularly proud of and which allow this web platform to stand out among its competitors.

Showcase works similarly to a personal account on Instagram: a user builds up a network of followers and develops the page content, not to promote oneself but to make the initiative more visible and searchable.

Pitch enables every innovator to be heard: a user creates a pitch video about their idea, the best ones of which are published at the “Explore” section of the main WorldLabs page.

Apply adds a grain of healthy competition, helps innovators to challenge themselves, to promote their ideas, and to earn prizes.

As a result of the fruitful cooperation with the WorldLabs team, we developed for them a powerful one-of-a-kind social media platform, which is focused on business cooperation for start-ups and fledgling businesses, on the exchange and elevation of ideas.

What We Have Today

Not only we introduced an opportunity for the innovators to share their ideas and meet like-minded people, but we also made new friends ourselves. Having cooperated under the pressure of approaching deadlines and growing ambitions, two separate groups of people from WorldLabs and KeenEthics gradually turned into a united and powerful team. Through the continuous communication, we brought together WorldLabs excellence and KeenEthics creativity, which enabled us to achieve outstanding results.

You may be wondering whether WorldLabs also share our point of view on the success of this project. Have no doubt! The COO and co-founder of World Labs, Andreas Feller, has left the feedback about our cooperation on Clutch, and he says that the KeenEthics team are an ideal software developer, which provides all the needed resources timely and efficiently.

Their expertise in software development and their dedication to our company has helped WorldLabs launch a fully functional product.

Andreas FellerCo-founder & COO at WorldLabs

Such a positive feedback is the greatest award and the ultimate motivation for our team!

What Is Going to Happen This Weekend

This weekend, on November 24th, the WorldLabs hold a conference attended by over 600 entrepreneurs or investors and by more than 50 startups presenting their initiative. Elevating Ideas 2018 is a huge business event in London where the participants will get a chance to meet like-minded people or potential partners, to present themselves to the public, and to push forward their unique ideas. Before the conference, the organizers introduced a list of ten most promising and outstanding start-ups, which will be given a chance to pitch for their initiative in front of the amazing audience. At the end of the day, the judges will select and announce the best start-up of the year. The Elevating Ideas Competition Winner will be given a £50,000 award, which they may use for the launch of their initiative.

KeenEthics will also take an active part in this major business world event as a technical partner and sponsor. We will also be there simply as friends of the WorldLabs team to encourage them and to provide support. We will be glad to meet new people and to present ourselves to the public as long as we are always open for new connections, willing to make great friends, and striving to help another company to reach enviable success.

To Wrap Up

WorldLabs platform is a great opportunity to broaden your social and business circle, to meet new friends and partners, to learn a valuable business lesson or two, and to advertise yourself to the amazing people using the platform.

You are very welcome to drop by our booth on the conference or contact us via e-mail as we are always glad to meet and get to know new people. We will be happy to answer all your questions, to guide you around the conference, and to collaborate in the future.