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Best Amazon Alexa Skills: Mid-Autumn 2018

Best Amazon Alexa Skills: Mid-Autumn 2018

Siri, Cortana, and Alexa have won over lots of people from around the world. Each of them has a one-of-a-kind personality: they speak in a unique voice, they offer hilarious jokes and games (not Siri though), they demonstrate outstanding skills and talents. This fall, Alexa learned 10 new ways to conquer your heart.

5 Most Useful Alexa Skills

Alexa Is Your Business Guru

1. Alexa Is Your Business Guru

Who said that business is boring? Bill the Business Guru is aimed to refute this common misconception. Ask Alexa to open Business Guru and listen to various facts and anecdotes from the world of investors, CEOs, HR managers, dog-eat-dog competitors, and shareholders, learn how companies jostle for your attention and money. You will see, maybe you will also obtain a tip or two for how to launch or run your own undertaking.

Alexa Is Your Brain Workout Coach

2. Alexa Is Your Brain Workout Coach

The brain is a motherboard of the human organism, responsible for watching and managing all the body processes, and we cannot let it get rusty. Cognitive abilities of our brain define our performance and productivity, so they should be trained on a daily basis. Boost your memory and attention span, improve your information-processing, creative-thinking, and problem-solving skills with Alexa as your personal coach - just ask her to launch brain workout facts. Test your abilities and learn how to improve them with no great effort or time spending.

Alexa Is Your Personal Multilanguage Translator

3. Alexa Is Your Personal Multilanguage Translator

You have no feel for foreign languages and struggle to communicate with people from abroad? Flicking through paper vocabularies or typing phrases into Google Translator is a thing of the past. Alexa will eagerly help you to understand and talk to anyone, merely ask her to translate a certain phrase into a certain language. Be ready that if you choose a not so popular language, there might be no vocalization, but you will still be able to see the written translation via the app. You will also enjoy this feature if you are a language learner: it will make your routine way easier and more interactive. Watching movies or reading books in the original language also becomes an achievable task for the language learning beginners because Alexa is here to save the day!

Alexa Is Your Life Saver

4. Alexa Is Your Life Saver

Are you worried about all those frequently occurring natural disasters and emergency situations? Well, you should be. But with Alexa, you may sleep peacefully through the night. She will instantly alert you to a man-made catastrophe or a natural disaster if it poses a risk to your health, and she will instruct you on what to do or where to go to find a shelter. If this does not give you enough confidence, you may ask her about the weather forecast for the nearest future and find out if there are any natural catastrophes to come. Install this feature and try asking her any emergency-related question yourself. Check it out, does she know what is a tsunami, how to survive during a wildfire, or what to do after a nuclear power plant accident?

Alexa Is Your Mental Health Counselor

5. Alexa Is Your Mental Health Counselor

Stress and anxiety won't let you alone, but you have neither time nor desire to go and open your heart to a psychologist? Let Alexa hear you out. After a long day at work, a painful breakup, or an extremely expensive purchase, let Alexa calm you down. Launch Mindscape to discuss your feelings and worries, do a breathing exercise together with your AI assistant, try meditating, or just let her play a soothing sound to bring back some balance into your life. If you are not convinced of the importance to control your mental health, ask Alexa for what the scientists have to say about it. Amazon knows that, sometimes, the only thing you might need is a sympathetic ear and a piece of wise advice, and they instruct Alexa to deliver those to you.

5 Most Entertaining Alexa Skills

Alexa Is Your Ice Breaker

1. Alexa Is Your Ice Breaker

The awkward silence between two people is truly annoying, but Alexa is here to help you to overcome this feeling. Get to know people around you easier and faster with the introductory phrases from Alexa, just ask her to open the ice breaker. Try out this feature to get a party with friends started, discover what ideas or games Alexa is ready to offer. Try it out once, and maybe next time, you will be able to break the ice without her assistance. You won’t even notice when following Alexa’s recommendations, you master the art of effective communication yourself!

Alexa Is Your Butler

2. Alexa Is Your Butler

You don’t like inviting guests to your house because it is a messy and exhausting business? With Alexa's “My Assistant” feature, the struggle turns into a pleasant and relaxing quality time. Ask Alexa to open “My Assistant”and to assist your guests. She will greet each of them personally, compliment on their appearance, and offer an appetizer to get the evening started. Be sure that no one will leave her hospitality unnoticed or go home disappointed, your AI assistant will leave nobody unimpressed.

Alexa Is Your Friend to Be Lazy With

3. Alexa Is Your Friend to Be Lazy With

Sometimes, to reach the highest level of productivity, you have to let yourself do nothing for a minute or two. This world is rapidly changing, bizarre, and mind-blowing, so stop running for a second and ask Alexa to do nothing. She will keep you from ending the break and getting back to the crazy job routine ahead of time. This pause will give you a boost so that you will be ready to go on conquering the world.

Alexa Is Your Pizza Buddy

4. Alexa Is Your Pizza Buddy

Are you hungry and feel like making pizza but fail to come up with a new recipe? Alexa is here for you to become your best inspiration and sous-chef. Ask her to be your pizza buddy, and she will suggest you what ingredients to add to your pizza. Run a risk and try it out; maybe this way, you will discover your new favorite recipe. Do not hesitate to share it with your friends, but do not forget to name the real inventor of this deliciousness.

Alexa Is Your Entertainer

5. Alexa Is Your Entertainer

Either you are bored from doing nothing or tired from having done all the job in this world, Alexa is here to relieve your annoyance. Tell her that you are bored, and she will make sure that this feeling promptly goes away. She will tell you a story or offer a game to play — all for your entertainment. Or maybe it is time to wash your dog or to clean your bedroom? No time to play bored, Alexa will remind you of those tasks as well.

If you want to teach your Alexa to do any of these tricks, they are free to install from the Amazon website. Once you downloaded them, enjoy using these functions by activating them with your voice. Surprise your friends and guests with the abilities of your device, and do not hesitate to ask KeenEthics engineers to write an Alexa skill if you still feel like your business is missing something — we will help you to get something perfectly suitable for yourself. Let Alexa make your life easier!

Develop your custom Alexa skill!

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