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Max SavoninMax SavoninChief Executive Officer at KeenEthics

Best Amazon Alexa Skills: Mid-Summer 2018

Amazon Alexa

Amazon’s Echo devices have taken over our homes and our hearts, and Alexa is becoming the most helpful member of many families. Alexa comes preloaded with a lot of great features, but to get the most out of your smart home device, you would want to “dress it up” with additional apps, so-called skills. We have tested a few of them, and present a list of our top ten best Amazon Alexa skills.

#1: Next Book

Looking for relevant book recommendations?

Alexa books

Fun fact: an average CEO reads roughly 50 books per year. Whether you have Elon Musk type aspirations, or if you are simply looking to widen your literary horizons, you need Next Book skill for Alexa. With a simple question to Alexa you receive a book recommendation based on books you already like. This smart skill searches through a comprehensive database of current literature to give you the best book suggestion you would want to tell your friends about. Next Book app offers another great feature, all your preferences are saved to your Echo device’s memory, which makes this skill customized to your specific needs. Enable this skill on Amazon and ask Alexa for a new book recommendation before your next summer vacation!

#2: Five Sentences

Dream of learning a new language?

Five Sentences

Learning a new language is part of everyone’s bucket list, but this task seems pretty daunting and quite impossible for most of us. Now, thanks to Alexa’s handy new skill, you are out of excuses. Five Sentences is a database of more than 5 million sentences, compiled by volunteers from www.tatoeba.org. To enable this skill, simply ask Alexa to start Five Sentences, then choose a language you want to learn. Alexa will tell you 5 sentences both in English and in the language of your choice. Learn your desired language effortlessly, and thank your smart Alexa app for the ability to do so.

#3: Get Me Inspired

Lack inspiration and motivation?

Get Me Inspired

When life gets you down, Alexa’s got your back. Enable Get Me Expired on your Echo device to receive motivational quotes from the greatest people of all time, and hear their outstanding real-life success stories. Whether you are going through hard times, or need a quick reminder to get you back on track to success, Alexa is ready to help. After all, we could all use a pep talk once in a while. Just say “Alexa, play Get Me Inspired” and get motivated to change your life for the better!

#4: CEO Tip of the Day

Need help reaching your goals?

CEO Tip of the Day

The quickest way to success is learning from those who’ve walked your path before. CEO Tip of the Day skill gives you an opportunity to learn directly from CEO’s and business owners from North and South America. Alexa will give you a new tip every day, to help you stay focused on your goals, and know the next steps to take. The helpful tips are provided by the Renaissance Executive Forums, where successful businessmen exchange their experience and advice. Tell your smart home device to give you a tip you’ll actually want to hear.

#5: Best Travel

Planning a trip to an unfamiliar destination?

Best Travel

If you want to get the best out of your upcoming trip, you know you need to make a plan. But if the thought of planning makes you dread taking your dream vacation, we would recommend to enable the Best Travel skill for your Alexa app. You don’t need to know much about your destination, Alexa will do the heavy lifting for you. With one simple question to your Echo device, the Best Travel skill will suggest things to do and see in the country of your choice.

#6: SnapTravel

Need a vacation?


If you enjoy traveling but don’t particularly love the hassle of finding a hotel, you can ask Alexa to help you plan your trip. Enable your home device with Alexa’s Snap Travel app for the simplest and the most convenient way to book a hotel anywhere in the world. Tell Alexa your travel plans, dates and destinations, and receive the best hotel deals available. The best part is that Alexa can send these recommendations straight to your phone.

#7: Email Checker

Overwhelmed by your inbox?

Email Checker

The Amazon Email Checker skill provides a new convenient solution to your daily fight with your inbox. Once it is linked to your email, Alexa can help you tackle the unread emails by reading the sender’s name and the subject line to you. Now you have one less thing to worry about. Simply tell your new “personal assistant”, aka Alexa, “Check my email” and save yourself hours of clicking through neverending rows of mail. Make your day a little brighter with Email Checker app for Alexa.

#8: Ten Things in Tech

Wishing to keep in touch with the latest trends?

Ten Things in Tech

The tech world is changing at light speed and you need to stay in the know.Tthe Ten Things in Tech skill for Amazon’s Echo would be useful for tech-geeks as well as those who like to be up to date on the latest and greatest. Created by the editors at Business Insider, this skill puts together a summary of the biggest news and the latest stories on tech giants like Apple, Facebook, Google and more. The future is here, and you can now use your voice to have Alexa catch you up on the news while you are brushing your teeth or having your morning coffee. Go ahead, and ask Alexa about that new thing you’ve heard on the radio.

#9: My Dietitian

Need advice from a dietitian?

My Dietitian

Alexa’s My Dietitian skill is not quite what you expect it to be. Its primary purpose is not to help you lose weight. My Dietitian app actually provides science based dietary suggestions based on your illness or condition. Oftentimes chronic illness can be kept under control or even prevented by proper diet and lifestyle changes. Following these directions is crucial for your health, but oftentimes the long list of foods is hard to remember when you are making a grocery list. When you enable your new skill, Alexa will remind you which foods to avoid and which to add to your diet.

#10: Workout Coach

Want to get in shape?

Workout Coach

It’s the end of summer and we try to pretend that we never made that New Year’s resolution to workout every day. With Amazon’s Workout Coach skill it only takes 10 minutes to do a full workout. The skill is fully customizable: you can pick exercises you want, their order and difficulty, set background music, and even pick your coach (do you want to go with an inspirational yogi or a drill sergeant). It’s everything you love about a home workout without the hassle of remotes and computers, just use your voice to ask Alexa to repeat a previous exercise or to go to the next one. The Workout Coach skill keeps track of how many times you’ve worked out, and there are achievements you can earn along the way. No more excuses, just say “Alexa, open Workout Coach”! You can find the featured Alexa skills on Amazon’s website, they are free to enable and are voice activated apps that will sure to make your life easier and more fulfilling.

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