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Max SavoninChief Executive Officer at KeenEthics

Hello, World!

Let me introduce KeenEthics.

introduce keenethics

We are a team of web and mobile developers located in Lviv, Ukraine (GMT+2). We do a great job on several projects and participate in the life of the JavaScript community.

There are a lot of software development companies of different size and rates out there. They offer various perks and competitive salaries for developers. They have experiences, portfolios, and good reviews from the clients. So, why did we decide to create another one?

After analyzing several successful companies from the inside, we have noticed some inefficiencies. In a lot of cases, we found room for improvement in their attitude towards a customer. We believe that there are plenty of advancements we can bring to the industry to make software development more agile, efficient, and closer to the customer’s expectations.

We strive to make remote web development more Keen and Ethical.

We are going to share our thoughts and experiences in this blog.

See you soon!

Do you want to partner with KeenEthics?

We are always ready to work with innovative businesses and charities. Our team is a part of the Tech for Good movement promoting social good through technologies. So, if you share our values and want to join efforts, feel free to talk to us.