Team Astronaut office

Oleksiy P.
Chief of Meteor Flight Research Center
He has spent the third-longest time in Meteor.js space of any person. He supervises research and development of Meteor flights.
Max S.
Chief of The Astronaut Office
His responsibilities are coordination, scheduling, and control of all Keenethics astronauts activities.
Alexey H.
International Mission Specialist
Intergalactic diplomat who speaks several alien languages. He is in constant search of new life forms outside our galaxy in order to establish contact and exchange resources.
Viktoria M.
Astronaut Interaction Specialist
Victoria keeps track of all the movement between the missions, helps new Astronauts adopt and remain in shape over the course of their journey on our ship.
Alexandr S.
Mission Support Officer
Knows the structure of the ship by heart. He has a unique feeling that helps him find breakages and ensure astronauts safety.
Illya S.
Full-stack js Frigate Captain
The most peaceful astronaut. He stays calm even in the most dangerous situations. This skill he has gained through intergalactic hitchhiking.
Vlad O.
Full-stack js Frigate Captain
Has a medal "For Merit in Space Exploration" for achievements in outer space researching, development and reconnaissance.
Yara M.
Full-stack js Corvette Capt
She is the first woman to have flown in Keenethics space, having been selected from more than five finalists to pilot Keen project applicants.
Taras B.
Full-stack js Corvette Capt
Best sailor on duty. He does his work while the rest of spacecraft members are asleep.
Mykhailo O.
Full-stack js Corvette Capt
Space Meteor.js Developer who has logged around 700 hours of moonwalk time on Upwork over five successful Meteor Shuttle missions.
Sergey G.
Full-stack js Capt-lieutenant
A Strong pilot with cool UX and UI feeling and game development background. Leads gamification at Keenethics flagship.
Taras Y.
Full-stack js Capt-lieutenant
Was chosen from a final pool of 13 candidates to fly on Reaction Commerce first manned space mission.
Andrij T.
Full-stack js Capt-lieutenant
Ph. D, he has firm and scientific approach to problem-solving and he used to be a pilot on several shuttle missions.
Yanul M.
Full-stack js Midshipman
Space hot fire-show amateur, got an honors diploma in the flight school, acts as a hot second pilot in the hot shuttle mission.
Mykhailo P.
Full-stack js Capt-lieutenant
Honorable and experienced combattant in Meteor space, has been working during many years in our space sector.
Arsen T.
Full-stack js Capt-lieutenant
Space sweet Karmaman astronaut. He knows how to keep your Karma clean.
Sasha B.
Full-stack js Capt-lieutenant
Best student of Astronaut Training Center. He is JavaScript enthusiast, React evangelist, Space archeologist.
Golomb Y.
Full-stack js Capt-lieutenant
Participated in large battles as a Rookie and dreams about leading his own squad
Max F.
Full-stack js Midshipman
Space gamer. He is also one of the pilots who flies on one of the biggest Meteor Shuttle mission in the world.
Mykola M.
Full-stack js Midshipman
Space illusionist, together with Stanley Kubrick he produced all the layouts for US Apollo missions at the time when there was no HTML/CSS. He is now carrying out full-stack missions in outer space.
Nazar K.
Full-stack js Midshipman
Strong Pilot with will of adamant and suspended approach. Fond of space rockclimbing.
Ihor V.
Full-stack js Midshipman
The youngest midshipman from outer space. Cool and steady even when approaching black hole.
Yuriy S.
Full-stack js Midshipman
Was able to capture new alien ship on his first flight. Due to excellent communicative skills, first comes into contact with unknown galactic creatures.
Taras P.
Full-stack js Astronaut
He has a diligent approach to every task. He is patient having long commutes to the station every day. Fond of remote missions in deep space.
Mykhailo F.
Full-stack js Astronaut
Has space banking background and is good at front-end and mobile fields.
Volodymyr A.
Full-stack js Astronaut
He was able to transform his shuttle into cluster of micro-ships that are able to self-repair. This cluster is the most resilient fleet in the world.
Rostyslav T.
Full-stack js Astronaut
Was create AI-bots powered space craft. You may never be sure whether you are talking to him, or to his AI.